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Alyssa Harland Knisely

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  • Spouse as legal guardian

    I am engaged to a woman who will be 21 before I am 18; as we both have troubled home lives, we wish to move out. A friend's mom might have us stay with her, but she's concerned about legal issues - mainly, who is responsible for me, financially an...

    Alyssa’s Answer

    If you move out of your residence after 16, but before 18 and you are married, have a job and fully support yourself, you have become "emancipated". You cannot yet legally contract until you are 18. However, for all intents and purposes, you do not require a legal guardian. For school purposes, you may have your spouse/significant other fill out an affidavit pursuant to 24 PS Section 13-1302 which indicates she is fully supporting ou throughout the school year for free or gratis. School's have this form at their administration or registrar's office.

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  • Can my fiancée who is a Teir 3sex offender still have me and our kids live with him

    My fiancée was charged with indecent assault of a 10 Jr old boy he was placed on Megan's law as a tier 1 for 10 yrs he is 2mo from being off and he has never had restrictions well a new law passed in pa where he now a Teir 3 we have 2 kids and 1 o...

    Alyssa’s Answer

    There are geographic restrictions for sex offenders under the new Adam Walsh Act which may prohibit him from being around children. However, this decision is best left to his adult parole officer. He may be able to have a risk assessment conducted by a psychologist to determine whether h e is a risk to the children. This may alleviate some of the PO's concerns.

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