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Jeffrey D. Veitch

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  • I wentto thehospital for a dog bite went back duetoredness/swolleness they said it was infectedbut mybody would fight itcani sue

    i have all documents even followed the release instructions and kept it covered dry and washed with soap and water now it is stil two inches deep and i have to take time off work to visit specialist go get and mri xrays and take cephalexine they d...

    Jeffrey’s Answer

    As most of the previous attorney's have properly stated, additional information regarding dog ownership, course of medical treatment etc., need to be known before a more substantive analysis of your options can be made. You very well may have a valid right to pursue damages against the dogs owner, the dog owner's insurance company and/or the medical facility. I recommend that you speak with a qualified personal injury attorney in your area for a full evaluation of your case.

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