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Gregory Clinton Kelley

About Gregory Kelley

About me

G. Clinton Kelley is a sole practitioner serving  YOU   from a conveniently located - handicapped accessible - office in the South Hills suburbs of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, located right across from the "T".  If you drive, YOU will never have to pay to park when YOU see him at the office.

His practice is concentrated in the area of Personal Injury Law, and Attorney Kelley may be able to help YOU get the money you deserve if you have been injured in the following ways:

1. Malpractice / Professional Negligence by a lawyer, stockbroker/ investment advisor or doctor;

2. Car Accidents;

3. Slips / Trips / Falls;

4. Work injuries; and

5. Injuries caused by defective products

If YOU are entitled to money damages for your injuries, G. Clinton Kelley offers a free 30 minute consultation and, in personal injury cases, he only gets paid if you do.

Call (412) 341-5100 today to hear about the money damages YOU may be entitled to receive.