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Decker v. Consol Energy Center

Case Conclusion Date: 11.23.2010

Practice Area: Personal Injury

Outcome: 7.8 Million Verdict Plaintiff

Description: Today an Allegheny County jury ordered Consol Energy, Inc. to pay two men and their wives a total of $7.8 Million in damages for an accident that seriously injured both men. Clifford Decker and David Gillingham were invited guests on a property owned by Consol Energy Inc. when an exterior metal stairwell collapsed, leaving both men with serious and permanent injuries. Attorney Tim Conboy of Caroselli, Beachler, McTiernan & Conboy represented David and Deborah Gillingham who were awarded $2.8 Million of the verdict. Part of the verdict included $923,000 awarded to Deborah Gingham for loss of consortium. The accident happened because the four metal bolts that held the stairwell to the structure were completely rusted and went undetected by maintenance and inspections by Consol Energy, Inc. Conboy stated "the crucial piece of evidence in this was case was the fact that Consol Energy refused to spend $20 that could have prevented these injuries." Both men are unable to perform their past work in the future.

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