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Daniel Todd Friedson

About Daniel Friedson

About me

By Robert Isenberg


In the legal realm, Friedson practices in Pittsburgh as a respected attorney in Real Estate, Business, Trademark, Copyright, and Contract Law. He won a national best-practice award from NeighborWorks ™ for real estate equity protection.  His experience as a clinical professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, as well as the Graduate Schools of Public & International Affairs, makes him the ideal advisor and presenter —communicative, accessible, and transparent.


Originally trained as a journalist, he is a master of observation and summary, enabling him to work quickly and methodically.  Friedson easily alternates between the corporate and nonprofit worlds.


Friedson has worked extensively in every sector of energy development, from clean coal legislation in 1995 for Indiana to green energy investments in Missouri, Pennsylvania and New York from 1999 to 2007.  Since 2007, oil and gas remains an unavoidable source of work for the nation.  He has personally invested money or donated legal services in each of these markets.


 Having assisted businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits across the country, Friedson recognizes the importance of cooperation and coexistence among America’s many energy developers.  In complement, Friedson has a good track record for spearheading numerous community economic initiatives, each successfully unifying people with common interests for economic purpose.  


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