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Randall McKinney’s client reviews

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Review Randall McKinney

    1.0 star

    Posted by Linda

    I have been trying to call this law office foe the past month. I have not received a phone call back to the nature of my call. Even if it was to tell me that you could not help me. The first phone call was a nice message left, the second phone call was an upsetting message left, the third phone call was again a nice message, the fourth phone call wasn't that nice and the fifth phone call was not nice and the last call was nice. I have always left a reference to why I was calling and a phone number for him to call me back. If you don't find the need to call someone back then you should not have this job; weather it's to tell them you can't help them or If you have to much on your plate then you should have this on your phone message; but to be totally rude and not contact someone back is just arrogance and ignorance. I truly wish you to stop your practice, but let me guess you defend people that have no other choice. You will have to forgive me for my ill word's but you've given me no other choice. You have taken $500.00 to start of this persons' money and can't even return a phone call or give them a visit, shame on you.

  • Excellent Lawyer. From misdemeanors to felony offenses.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Scott

    Everytime I ever used Mr. Mckinney it went the best it possibly could of. From simple misdemeanors to serious felony offenses. He is very well liked throughout the law system. From the Judges, Officers, all the way to the District Attorneys. He goes above and beyond any lawyer I have ever used. I highly recommend him for any and all cases. He is also very good with keeping in touch as he does personally and as often as is needed.