Commonwealth v. R.P.

Joseph Alexander Paletta

Case Conclusion Date:July 16, 2012

Practice Area:Criminal Defense

Outcome:NOT GUILTY of Murder, NOT GUILTY of Robbery using Fireman

Description:Client Charged with: Attempt to Commit the Crime of Criminal Homicide – Murder 2 counts - Agg. Assault with Firearm (Handgun) – Felony 5 counts – Misdemeanors Defendant was alleged to have shot the victim two times at close range with the intent to kill or cause serious bodily injury. Following a Non-Jury Trial before the Honorable Anthony M. Mariani, Defendant was found NOT GUILTY of Murder - Attempt to Commit Criminal Homicide, Aggravated Assault (intentionally causing injury with a firearm), NOT GUILTY of Robbery using a firearm, GUILTY of Aggravated Assault by recklessly causing serious bodily injury using a firearm, and GUILTY of Misdemeanor crimes. Sentencing has been scheduled for sometime in October 2012.

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