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  1. When do you seek an Attorney after an accident. I fell on a stairwell not maintained by the College.

    Answered 8 months ago.

    1. Jeffrey Mark Adams
    2. Christian K. Lassen II
    3. David Ian Schoen
    4. Andrew Ritchie Rehmeyer
    5. Joshua Parke Geist
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    If you work for the University, it is unlikely you will be able to make a claim beyond Workers Comp. However, you should consult with an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your unfortunate incident.

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  2. If a pedestrian who does not drive or have car insurance is hit by a vehicle, can they sue for pain and suffering?

    Answered 8 months ago.

    1. Harold Semanoff
    2. Christian K. Lassen II
    3. James V. Monaghan
    4. Thomas J. Wagner
    5. Jeffrey Mark Adams
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    If you are a pedestrian, you are full tort as the tort elections do not apply to pedestrians. The same would also be true if you were riding a bicycle. The tort status only applies to private passenger motor vehicles.

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  3. Can I sue my university

    Answered 11 months ago.

    1. Harold Semanoff
    2. Jeffrey Mark Adams
    3. Richard Marc Katz
    4. Matthew Louis Solomon
    5. Andrew D. Swain
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    You should contact an experienced personal injury attorney. If you are a student at a state university, there may be limitations on your right to recover against the university. However, even if the school is a state university, they may have contracted with a company to perform the cleaning work. It is also very important to make sure the incident has been reported to the school. At the same time, an experienced attorney will begin an investigation of the incident to determine whether...

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  4. 11 months ago. I fell down steps of my 2nd floor rental apt. BROKE MY SHOULDER SEVRELY. Can I SUE ladlords homeoners ins.?

    Answered 6 months ago.

    1. Harold Semanoff
    2. Thomas J. Wagner
    3. Sandra B. Worthington
    4. Lidia L. Alperovich
    5. Jonathan Micah Stewart
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    That depends on what caused you to fall. The landlord may be responsible for a dangerous condition of the steps of the apartment. In order for a landlord to be held responsible for an injury on their property, it must be from a dangerous condition that the landlord knew or should have known about. In light of the severe injuries that you suffered, I would suggest that you contact an experienced lawyer in premises liability or dangerous property.

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  5. My wife had $2,000 in dental work done less than a year ago that needs to be replaced, can try to get money back/file complaint?

    Answered 8 months ago.

    1. Christian K. Lassen II
    2. David Ian Schoen
    3. Joshua Parke Geist
    4. Elizabeth Taylor Herd
    5. Marc Edward Stewart
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    I would suggest that you contact the dentist and advise him of the situation. It is unlikely that you will be able to afford hiring an attorney and pursuing formal legal action against the dentist because the cost of pursuing the claim are likely more than the damages you could recover. However, you still may be able to resolve the claim with the dentist or his insurance company directly.

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  6. Should I wait until I get the first offer to decide to get a lawyer.

    Answered about 1 month ago.

    1. Jason David Schiffer
    2. Sean E. Quinn
    3. Thomas Kenny
    4. Shoshana Kunin-Leavitt
    5. Harold Semanoff
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    I have family in New Holland. I would get a lawyer to at least find out the policy limits of the other driver and available Underinsured coverage. You suffered a very bad and likely permanent injury.

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  7. Bad feeling about the lawyer I hired....

    Answered 4 months ago.

    1. Harold Semanoff
    2. Marie-Jacques Marilyn Ambroise
    3. Thomas James Pivnicny
    4. Sean E. Quinn
    5. Glenn Anthony Valdes
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    Trust your gut! If you feel this way now, imagine how the relationship will be over the next year. You can fire an attorney at any time. However, there are consequences. You should review the fee agreement you signed. The sooner you change lawyers the better. You need to feel comfortable and confident in your attorney and his or her staff.

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  8. Can I file a malpractice claim against a cataract surgeon?

    Answered 8 months ago.

    1. Daniel Girvan Williams
    2. Jimmy C Chong
    3. Robert Daniel Kelly
    4. David Ian Schoen
    5. Christian K. Lassen II
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    You should consult with an experienced medical malpractice attorney. A thorough review of your medical records and consultation with appropriate experts may reveal that the doctors did not follow the appropriate standard of care in your case which may have resulted in your injuries and damages. In Pennsylvania, you have 2 years from the date of the malpractice to file a lawsuit. Therefore, you should seek advice from an attorney as soon as possible.

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  9. Should I settle? I was involved in two car accidents this past year. Both of the other drivers were 100% at fault.

    Answered 5 days ago.

    1. Kristy L. Bruce
    2. Christian K. Lassen II
    3. Peter N Munsing
    4. Alan James Brinkmeier
    5. Zaheer A Shah
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    I would not settle York case for that amount. I would recommend getting a report from your treating physician about your prognosis. Most concussion experts agree that a brain injury that lasts more than 1 year is probably permanent. You should consult an attorney.

  10. How much would I get for a hit and run from my insurance company, where I was not seriously hurt?

    Answered 9 days ago.

    1. Jonathan Micah Stewart
    2. Mark David Crossley
    3. Steven Fisher Fairlie
    4. Christian K. Lassen II
    5. Peter N Munsing
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    It sounds like you have reported this to your insurance company, but if you have not, you should do so right away. You have an uninsured motorist claim (UM) if you have selected this coverage on your auto policy. It is optional in Pennsylvania. Also, I would not treat the concussion lightly. It has been my experience that you do not know whether your recovered from a concussion for up to 1 11a year after an injury. I would recommend seeing a physician who specializes in treating...

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