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William Ray Pelger

About William Pelger

About me

This lawyer has 25 years of experience in civil and criminal trial, estate, family and injury law. He is a former public defender trial lawyer with an office conveniently located near the Waterfront with free parking and flexible appointment hours.  We offer free consutations for most matters. Attorney Pelger handles all legal matters personally and is accessible to all clients.

CRIMINAL LAW. We handle all charges, felonies, misdemeanors and summary offenses, DUI, drug charges, theft , retail theft, theft of servides, drivers license suspensions, motor vehicle offenses, citations, internet crimes, domestic violence, firearm violations, VUFA, probation violations, assaults, robberies, home invasions, etc. We also handle sex crimes, controlled substance violations, harassment, public drunkeness, sexual assault, and expungement of all criminal records and criminal history. 

DUI. We have handled DUI trial work for 25 years as well as the illegal and unconstitutional stop and search of automobiles. 

ESTATE. Due to our growing senior citizen population in the area, this firm handles wills and estates, probate, powers of attorney, living wills, estate planning, elder law, property transfers, deeds and all areas of estate administration and elder law. Senior citizen's discounts available.

ELDER LAW. Attorney Pelger can advise you on the general principles of what to prepare for if you have a loved one who may potentially need Medicaid funding, including information on eligibility, look back, exclusions, spend down and the Estate Recovery Act.

FAMILY LAW. Divorces, child custody, child and spousal support, alimony, proeprty settlements and equitable distribution, PFA's and emergency motions.

PERSONAL INJURY. We have achieved excellent results for those with minor or serious injuries. Slip and falls, car accidents, hazardous conditions and toxic poisoning.

CIVIL LITIGATION. We handle arbitration hearings, non-jury and jury trials, motions, settlements and all negotiations. Whether you need to sue for money or damages or you are being sued, we can provide a competent and aggressive defense,