Deborah A. L. Iwanyshyn

Deborah A. L. Iwanyshyn

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Attorney Iwanyshyn multi-tasks to keep your case and the numbers surrounding your case in the forefront.
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Deborah was selected as one of the National Advocates Top 100 Lawyers

About Me 

I am a CPA (license inactive) and an ASA, which is a Senior Member of the American Society of Appraisers specializing in business valuation, as well as a lawyer.  My background enables me to easily handle complex divorce and support cases, especially where closely-held family businesses are involved.   I have testified in court as an expert witness regarding the value of businesses and as to the income of a self-employed person. I am also a trained mediator and collaborative lawyer and have mediated for the court custody program as well as privately in my practice.. Finally I obtained training in counseling and can help you identify where you are stuck and how to move on.


I myself am divorced, You can get through that event as a stronger person and I will give you some of my tips as well as direct you to the support that you need while going through the emotional upheaval that currently exists in your life.  I will also direct you in the best ways to protect your children.


My website talks about my personal situation.  I have several videos on the site that will give you some insight into your situation.  You can view them at  I offer a free telephone consultation so feel free to call.