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Brooke Beares McMorrow

Brooke McMorrow’s client reviews

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  • So helpful!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lori

    Consulted Attorney

    I spent hours online looking for a family law attorney for my sister. Ms McMorrow returned my email inquiry the next day (on the weekend). I am confident my sister is in good hands during this difficult time.

  • Relieved to find her!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Shelley

    My husband handed me divorce papers. I was devastated. He told me that I needed to find an attorney and that made me sick to my stomach. I met with a few and I felt like I was entering into a world of debt and just another number in a big firm. I was sick about it. I paid $14 in parking in the city when meeting with the first attorney, and I knew that alone would kill my budget. I looked on the internet to find someone north of the city. I was so relieved and thankful to find Brooke McMorrow. I felt a connection with her immediately. Her office was easy to find, it was soothing and relaxing without any hubbub, that I felt In the city. She made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. She handed me a box of tissues and listened to my story. She allowed me to grieve through the process. When I was interviewing other attorneys, I felt like I was in a business meeting. But, not with Brooke. She quickly felt more like a friend. My divorce ended up costing significantly less than others that I had known going through this process. I am so thankful to Brooke and her staff for being there for me legally when I could barely get through a conversation without crying. She has represented me in such a professional manner. I trust her completely and I know she has my back. There are things that continue to come up with my ex and I am thankful that I still have Brooke to help me through this uncharted territory.

  • Attorney McMorrow helped me during a very difficult time

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sue

    It’s been a little over two years since I first contacted Attorney McMorrow. My boss had referred me when I was going through a very difficult time with the possibility of divorce looming. Although we never actually met, she took time out of her day to return my anxiety-laden telephone calls and answer my numerous questions. She must have sensed from our conversations that there was hope for my husband and me. I took her advice and found a great marriage counselor. My husband and I have since worked out our differences and are stronger than ever in our relationship. Although Attorney McMorrow and I fortunately never had to work together on any divorce, she helped me so much.

  • Life saver!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Amanda

    I had been trying to figure out how to go about all of the encompassing processes of getting divorced for about a year before I met Brooke. (not easy to navigate, when you literally have no clue where to begin) Brooke swooped in and put my mind at ease. It's hard enough to live your life, work, take care of children and a home; and then also a divorce?! Brooke was able to navigate all of the things that i was clueless to. She gave me paperwork, told me exactly what papers and things that i would need to gather, and was always available whenever i needed her. She took on another attorney with the utmost professionalism and also great restraint. (I won't name the other attorney) She made a terrible time in my life much more manageable and was more than fair with billing and monetary things. After my divorce and a few motions filed, i was divorced! Then came the name change. My partner and I were both changing our names and needed to do so before our baby was born. Brooke also helped with this exciting time in our lives! When we came to her for the name change we also decided to do our Living Will and Power of Attorney, She has changed our lives and given us the sense of security that a few years ago seemed impossible. She is simply an amazing, strong, compassionate and very intelligent woman. I would and have recommended her to anyone who is struggling through a divorce or family legal things.

  • Defense!

    4.0 stars

    Posted by brian

    Brooke was very knowledgeable and informative about the case. She easily defeated the opposing side in court. There was two of them. But the brief she had prepared came into play and help give substance to our argument. Only negative was our subpoenae of my daughter. She still is not speaking to me.

  • Reconciliation of my mother's estate

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sharon

    Brooke Mcmorrow and her staff were great collaborators in guiding me through the legal components of reconciling my mother's estate. They never failed to be patient always willing to reiterate what and whys behind what needed to be done. Always compassionate and understanding yet objective with the emotions that surfaced with family members. Very thorough in their communication. The i's were always dotted and the t's were always crossed. Brooke worked hard to keep the taxes consequences to a minimum and her referral of an accountant was equally easy to work with and very available to respond to family questions.
    The few glitches were addressed immediately with no harm done. If I had any criticism if would relate to the initial engagement especially when the executor has never done this before and might be overwhelmed and hesitant to ask questions relate to the legalese. They might need to dumb it down more assuming that their client is reluctant to show their lack of knowledge and is still numb from the death of a loved one. My experience overall was great. Brooke and her associates were highly professional.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Adoption client

    Attorney McMorrow represented my husband and I in a custody situation that ultimately lead us to adopt our great-grandaughter whom we had from the time she was born. We have actually recommended her to others we have spoken to. She was knowledgeable and professional in and out of the courtroom, but at the same time, Attorney McMorrow had a calming reassurance, personable manner, and quiet confidence about her even in the height of the worst situations; times that seemed chaotic and uncertain to my husband and I. Our case was a bit unique due to the fact that we were the first great-grandparents to enter into a custody battle against our daughter who is the child's biological grandmother (in the state of Pennsylvania).

    She guided us through a long custody battle of approximately 3 years in duration and in addition, successfully through the adoption process.

    We can't thank her enough for all that she's done. We "highly" recommend Atty. McMorrow to anyone seeking services in her areas of expertise.

    Thank you for the opportunity to do this review.

  • Trusted and invaluable attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Danielle

    Brooke has been my attorney in a child custody case in Allegheny County throughout the years long process. In what is an extremely frustrating and arduous situation - and draining to any parent or guardian, she was not only up front with me about my options but also explained clearly what was going on in each phase of the process. It's invaluable to have someone who you trust, and are confident in with this situation. She will tell you what you need to know to make informed decisions, and she presents all options and possible outcomes. At each step in the process, you are aware of the risks, and know that whatever route you are taking, she is doing whatever she can to help you reach your desired outcome. In what is an emotional situation, she will keep you grounded, logical, and on task - this is invaluable.
    I did not know her when this started, but now consider her a trusted and valuable part of my - and my child's life. Should you find yourself in a situation needing guidance and honest advice, I cannot offer a higher recommendation than Brooke.

  • dissatisfaction

    1.0 star

    Posted by Matt

    Attorney Brooke McMorrow was to represent me at a child support hearing in Butler County next week. I paid her $750 to do so. Her service was to prepare me for the hearing and provide options and answer questions I had. What she provided was a few email replies to some questions I had but NO email replies to what I felt were the most important questions. Her and her associate attorney went through the possible support scenarios with me over the phone using the FREE support calculation software I could have done myself. I wanted to determine if I could request a "complex" hearing as my Ex is a 1099 employee but did not receive an answer to this critical question. I was forced to get my questioned answered by another attorney and indicated I would not need her to represent me at the hearing as I would be requesting a complex hearing and that was all that would need to be done. I asked for part of my $750 back but she indicated that she had used that up in email replies and the 15 minute phone call to review my possible support calculations. if she is counting a number of 2 minute email replies as a FULL billable hour then I guess she is correct. I called her back the next day to say that since I already paid for her to come to the hearing, I changed my mind and would like either her or one of her associates to come. She indicated that they had filled that time on their schedule and could not attend. I have a very high level of dissatisfaction in working with her firm.

    Brooke Beares McMorrow’s response: “We're sorry you had a bad experience with our firm and we strive for the utmost client satisfaction in every case. Please contact me directly to discuss your specific concerns.”
  • Very Helpful, Knowledgeable & Personable

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anthony

    Brooke, took on our case to attain Legal Guardianship for our special needs daughter. Through the process she was very helpful in explaining what we needed to do, how to prepare for our day in court and what to expect during the process. She was excellent in her follow up and took time to explain the legal dialect/consequences in terms that the common person would understand. I highly recommend her.