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Philip Vance McCalister

Philip McCalister’s client reviews

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  • knock out

    4.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Hired Attorney

    Phil, was very up front with my case, Phil and his staff kept me well informed always. Very helpful answered all my questions and concerns. Smart as a fox in the courtroom.

  • Professional !!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Scott

    I was in a bad situation that could have turned worse due to lies and abuse of the system from my ex-wife. Phil explained everything with precise knowledge and confidence. Everything moved smoothly and in steps which I expected with real results that I feel confident I would have gotten NOWHERE else. I was granted FULL custody of my son and all her attempts at baffling the system were thwarted because of the experience that Phil posseses.

  • divorce/custody 06-2012

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rich

    First I would highly recommend this law office for any of your needs! Phil represented me in a very intensive lenthly custody issue in Westmoreland county ex accussed me everything that you can think of and then some.I ended up with shared custody for 5years and then primary custody in 2012. The mother and grandmother were very vintictive,uncooperative, spiteful over the custody orders,and made alot of false accusations agaist me,168 to be exact!!Trials as we know are 2 days long, mine was 10 days over a 1 1/2!! Phil and jackie his secretary did a fhonominal job on this case! Ive definitely been thru alot during this time and phil was there for me! I must add one more comment: phil will get justice done in your case, i have alot of faith in him! Look no further for an attorney! Thanks again!

  • The Best Guy in Town and All Around

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    My husband and I recently needed an affordable and knowledgeable attorney to file for equal custody of his 2 kids. After calling 4 local attorneys from the phone book, we finally called Phil. He returned our call the same day and took the time to explain the entire, confusing process to us. Only 1 of the other attorneys called us back but, she couldn't talk as she was going out of town for vacation. Phil was very personable and approachable. He always considered our busy schedules and met us after normal business hours on many occasions. His secretary, Jackie, understood why a hard working couple with 4 kids needed to set up a payment plan in order to lower the impact of this unexpected expense. She continually worked with us on paying down our bills. Phil's office made it a point to keep us updated on any new information involving our case via email, cell phone, and snail-mail. If we had a question, he quickly made us feel at ease with his extensive knowledge of the law and relationship he had with the courts. We are VERY pleased with the results of our case and I know we couldn't have done it without him so we just wanted to say, THANK YOU PHIL!!!

  • Top notch attorney - fair, honest, respectable

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jennifer

    It's been my pleasure to know Phil McCalister for more than 15 years now. He is the only attorney I trust for all of my legal matters. I have recommended him to countless friends, family members and clients and have known, without doubt, that they would be met with a degree of knowledge and professionalism that is unmatched.

    Phil has represented me both in personal and professional matters. I chose Phil to handle my divorce because it was important to me that it be handled fairly. (Yes, some people do want fair divorces.) I've always appreciated the honesty with which he addresses his (potential) clients. At times, his frankness can be shocking - but a quick digestion of his candidness reveals something that makes him exemplary as an attorney - he's honest.

    A specific example of this attribute involves my elderly parents. They sought Phil's counsel regarding a family matter that was more a matter of principle to them than anything else. Most attorneys would have taken the case, taken all of their money and left them with (what would have been the end result through litigation or not) - nothing. His ethics dictated that he share this with my parents and discuss with them their motives for wanting to take action....allowing them to make an educated decision on whether or not to proceed with legal action. They chose not to. Phil didn't get the case - but instead, he got two additional clients that will trust him with their future legal needs.

    Phil has also been my counsel in that matters of establishing my small business. The breadth of his knowledge and expertise is immeasurable. I feel confident trusting all of my personal and professional affairs to his counsel.

  • Very professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I found Phil to be very attentive to detail and always responded immediately, by email or phone. He was always on top of what needed to be done on the case. Understood how to get things done. A real professional.

  • Clueless Attorney

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Never, never, ever, go to this person for help with a divorce . He's totally clueless. In my situation his strategy was to make negative comments about my spouse, to make it appear he understood the situation. Although, I was offended by the comments he was making about my spouse, and against better judgement, I hired him anyway.

    When it came to negotiating, what he did was go back and forth repeating what the other spouse said. My spouse has mental health issues, and when Mr. McCalister repeated what my spouse said, McCalister sounded just as ridiculous as my spouse. McCalister never gave any thought to if the comments were answering the question on the table....which they were not. He just repeated what my spouse said.

    I have to say Mr. McCalister made himself look absurd and I was never sure who's side he was on. Needless to say, I ended my dealings with him and found a different attorney. Which is really sad because before my dealing with him I once recommended him. That will NEVER happen again.

    Also, my experience with his billing has been that he'll charge you for anything he possibly can. He tries to get you to agree to let him do legal work for you that doesn't need done by him. I've seen this twice with him. I'm wondering how many other people he's done that to?

    I've worked in an office with Attorneys, which I respected. I can't say the same for Mr. McCalister. Very Sad!!!

    Philip Vance McCalister’s response: “We're sorry you had a bad experience with our firm. This matter does not sound familiar, and we strive for the utmost client satisfaction in every case. Please contact me directly to discuss your specific concerns.”
  • Phil McCalister is an excellent lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Colette

    Phil has worked for friends of ours as well as family members (not his, but ours) and has surpassed our expectations. He's to the point and trustworthy. A family member was in trouble and we paid for their defense.