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  1. Wife had D&C procedure which resulted in scar tissue forming in her uterus, to tune of 10,000.00. Can we sue? How do we proceed?

    Answered 4 months ago.

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    Scar tissue formation is an "accepted risk" of a D&C. This means that if the procedure was indicated, i.e., medically appropriate, and was properly performed, i.e., performed by someone with appropriate training, utilizing the appropriate tools, e.g., suction vs. sharp curette, then you probably do not have the basis for a claim. Of equal importance, medical malpractice cases make no sense unless the damages are very substantial. The cost of experts runs into tens of thousands of dollars....

  2. Can this be a malpractice case?

    Answered 4 months ago.

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    If you felt okay after the procedure and then began to feel distinctly unwell, as you describe, the doctor had an obligation to see you or depending on the day/time direct you to the ER so someone else could see and examine you. Whether or not the procedure was properly performed requires a review of the records and more in-depth knowledge of your prior history. Presuming that your uterus was previously healthy, uterine rupture is not a common problem after a properly performed d and e....