Mr. Davies' office formed a living trust for me and my wife. During our discussions with Mr. Davies or his assistant, there wasn't any mention of a trust protector for the trust. The first time it was finally identified was when we came in to sign the trust documents. Even then, his assistant only said that Mr. Davies was named as the trust protector. The assistant did not describe at all the authority of the trust protector. Upon reading the documents afterwards, we found out that the trust protector had the authority to remove any of our trustees “with or without cause" under certain conditions (us being incapacitated). After some prodding (few unsuccessful attempts to seek clarification and filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau), Mr. Davies agreed to modify the trust provisions for the trust protector. If you have a living trust or decide to get one, please read the documents carefully or have a trusted friend or relative read them for you to make sure the trust doesn't have anything you are not comfortable with.