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Edward T. McCormack

Edward McCormack’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by ClientJ


    I cannot say enough good things about Mr. McCormack and his representation of me. His initial meetings really put me at ease, while still being completely realistic about the potential outcomes in my case. He was even more in charge in any court appearances, being respectful, thorough and asking the judge for minimum penalties wherever possible. The worst thing I could say is that he is often in court and couldn't always get back to me the same day I might try to reach him. But he always does respond and is 100% on the case for his client, and the fact that he is so busy says everything about his skills as a lawyer.

    He comes with my highest recommendation, absolutely the best of the best in the Hudson Valley.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client


    I went to Mr. McCormack to represent me in my legal matters, we discussed a fee ($1500 which he wanted in cash) and he was paid the same day I asked him to represent me. I am not stupid I paid with a check (so he couldnt claim to not have gotten paid). We had discussed him going to court for me so I wouldnt have to travel far and lose days of work, because I live far it is difficult for me to be in court the days I am supposed to. He was so nice and shmoozed me talking all about how he will take care of everything and I do not have to worry. Well I do not think he liked that fact I had paid with a check instead of cash. On the first court date he was supposed to represent me I was told I wouldnt have to be there, and then 10 minutes before I was supposed to be there he called back and said he wont be there and I have to go or I will have a warrant out for my arrest( then what did I just pay you for?). Then I did not hear from him for days(until I called him). He tried to pull that same trick with my next court date, I told him there was no way I could make it and so he actually went for me (finally). The only time we have any sort of contact is when I call him, and when I do he does not keep me updated and does not seem to know who I am or anything about my case when I call. Also he makes it seem like I am bothering him and he has no interest in talking to me and seems to just want to get off the phone. I do not find him professional at all, I will never have him represent me again and for $1500, that i dont really have to spare, he was a waste of money. Unless you like being treated like you and your case do not matter and you are a waste of your lawyers time I would NOT recommend this man to represent you!!!!!!!