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Paul David Giannetti

Paul Giannetti’s client reviews

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  • Jessica miller. He is the best lawyer I have ever met.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jessica

    Mr. Giannetti has been very nice and helpful. Every time I would call with a question or a problem his office and him took care of it right away. They don't get mad if you call with a stupid question because to them no question was stupid. I just feel he does the best he can for you and makes sure you get what you need or deserve. I would and have recommend him to help you if you need it.

  • Michael Bautochka III

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    I believe that Paul and his Team did thier Best and all they could whithin the legal limits of the law and thier knowlegde of the Workers Compensation Laws to help get me back on my feet. I wish I had contacted PAUL AS SOON AS THIS HAPPENED. I Unfortunately waited too long to contact legal advise due to trying to work threw the pain and deal with it on my own as well as the embarrassement of the accident and my actions from the pain. As well as other workers telling me that I was alright and it was all in my head and not wanting to cause trouble for those who did not deserve it. Going to the Doctors and them saying it was in my head as well just because they personally didn't find any problems. Thanks to Paul and his Team they got me as much help as I could get or need and got me pointed in the right direction after everyone else kept dropping me threw the cracks and making me feel like I was not in pain and it was all in my mind. Well I was right, I was injured, It was not in my mind and Gianettia Law Firm believed and fought for me and I received treatment and fair compensation for my injury. I have one more operation that workers comp didn't want to cover due to the fact I waited too long. I just wish I didn't wait too long to contact Paul. My advise is to get medical attention ASAP and contact legal advise ASAP anytime you are injured on a job and no matter what the other employees say or think. You and only you truthfully know when your really hurt due to the pain you might be in resulting from an injury on the job, and I also recommend not to be a tough guy and fight threw severe pain that you think will go away over time, get yourself checked out, and take care of your body. My body has paid it's price from very hard work and one simple very quick accident that happened in a split second, and changed my life. I never thought anything like this would ever happen to me. But it did. I will always recommend Paul and his Team and use them again if necessary. Thank you very much to all of you at the Gianetti Law Firm, my Family and I are very Appreciative and we wish you all the best and hope you always have great safe days. Thank you once again.

  • Getting the Answers

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rosemary

    Mr. Giannetti helped me with a w/c case to make sure the information was correct and that I was being treated fairly by the Insurance company & Dr.'s.. I have recommend him to co-workers & relatives that if your not sure what to do to call Mr. Giannetti and he will help you sort through the paperwork and give you the right answers not lead you on with maybe's or will see..