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  • What is "under penalty of perjury"

    I went to mailbox 11pm, found a man trying to get into my automobile. I called 911 and took picture, ask for advice. I told Operator my situation, 'a man is about to enture my car, She said ‘sit tight, remain calm wait for the police to show up,’ ...

    Anthony’s Answer

    You have to be leaving something out.
    To answer your headline question "under the penalty of perjury" means you are swearing to the truthfulness of the statements you are making and that if you knowingly tell an untruth you can be prosecuted for perjury. A statement not made under the "penalty of Perjury" cannot open you up to prosecution.
    Get a good criminal trial attorney, you're gonna need one.
    Good luck

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  • How should i responed

    this is my first divorce this will be the 4th for my wife.I got the summons and went down to see if she failed a court date and she did.She texted me and said that I dont have to appear and i cant disagree with anything.And the summound was just a...

    Anthony’s Answer

    You should go. Further you should get an attorney. It probably isn't complicated but since she has experience in these things and you don't you may need one.
    As for her thinking, you married her right??

    Good luck

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  • A VA county court system entered false info on my public record. Can anything be done?

    i got a dui in 2009. Upon completion of my ASAP program I was informed that my public record shows there was a traffic fatality when infact there wasnt. I feel this may be the reason I have had such a hard time finding a job. Can anything be done?

    Anthony’s Answer

    I would begin by contacting the court clerk and asking that a correction be made. If they fail to make the correction then hire an attorney and do a writ of Mandamus which requires that a government agency do what it is required to do by law.

    Good luck

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  • Lawyer to help with defrauding car restorer

    I was given a estimate to do work on a classic car of 14k after going to the shop a number of time and asking we're the price was I was not given a answer .6 months later handed a bill for 43k ? The owner made me only py in cash UNDER DURESS he h...

    Anthony’s Answer

    You clearly need help from a law firm that will listen to you and protect your rights. I handle fraud cases and you should feel free to contact me through this website by clicking on my name above and leaving me an email through the contact button on the right, or by contacting me directly at
    The Law Offices of Anthony J. Colleluori & Associates PLLC
    68 South Service Road
    Suite 100
    Melville, NY, 11747

    Good luck.

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  • I want to sue a restaurant for intentionally serving my 17 yr old daughter food they knew she was severly allergic too

    I brought my 2 girls ages 16, and 17 to a restaurant. My 17 yr old has severe, could be fatal allergies. She ordered a cowboy burger without cheese. We informed the waitress that she was severly allergic to cheese so please make sure they dont ...

    Anthony’s Answer

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    Fortunately for you and your daughter, you have no case thanks to your quick thinking. I strongly urge you to contact the management of the restaurant and I would also contact the county board of health.

    You only have a suit if you have both a cause and damages, you may have cause but thanks to you're being a great mom, you don't have damages.

    I think you did well.

    I hope your daughter learned a valuable lesson. I have food allergies too and if they screw up the order I order something completely different or I leave. In this case I would rate the restaurant on Zaget's board and other boards and let people know.

    Good luck.

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  • I was punched in the face by a 20 year old in a casino in Nevada... Do I have a case against the casino?

    A young man was very intoxicated at a music venue inside of a casino in Nevada. The kid was toying with all of my friends and eventually toying with me. I tried to create a distance between me and the kid and he sucker punched me in the face, kn...

    Anthony’s Answer

    I think counsel above makes a few good points you should consider. OTOH I wouldn't necessarily see a Nevada Lawyer. I would look for a lawyer who is admitted in NV but practices in California. I would want a lawyer who has federal experience as well.

    It may be hard to get a Nevada lawyer to take such a case against a casino, and further it may be tough to find a jury or a judge who will hold against a casino in state court. By virtue of your living in California, you have diversity of jurisdiction and if your injuries are above a certain monetary amount you will have the right to bring your case in California AND in a federal court where the judges are not elected but have lifetime appointment.

    Good luck.

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  • What would be the consquences for me stealing a truck exactly 3 times each and then just recently running away with me being 16?

    i just recently stole the truck on thursday night . and i was missing for the whole ngiht including half of friday. my dad & mom put out an amber alert & were searching for me since 1 a.m. friday morning . its not the first time that i have stole ...

    Anthony’s Answer

    Well that is certainly a possibility. Worse yet you could be charged as an Adult and face jail.
    You will get a lawyer appointed to your case and you must be completely honest with them. They will ask you questions such as

    So what is going on that makes you take off with the family truck?
    How you are doing in school.
    Describe your relationship with both of your parents
    Describe your relationship with your siblings
    Do you have a boyfriend
    Are you or have you used drugs? Alcohol? When did you start? When did you last have any??
    Who was with you on these little joyrides?

    Again scrupulous honesty is important. Do not be afraid to tell your lawyer anything in fact do not leave anything out. Your lawyer works FOR YOU, and you have absolute privilege (privacy) in your conversations with him/her (it must be you and him or her and any member of his/her staff. If someone else is present it blows the immunity). He will keep your secrets secret but he must know everything.

    If you work with the lawyer you may avoid jail, or a girls home and you may even find your situation improves greatly as well.

    I wish you well.

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  • Can the police do this?

    A friend and I were recently involved in a scuffle with another group of people. My friend was charged with assault and resisting arrest. Upon learning the police were notified, my friend activated the recorder on his cellphone and kept it in hi...

    Anthony’s Answer

    Do they have the right? No. Can you prove they did? Unlikely.
    The better way to do these things is to call your house phone's recorder or to call a friend or to put a lock on your phone so it cannot be accessed without the code.

    Your friend should seek an attorney anyway however it seems unlikely he will have a case as to the taping.

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  • Can the police use a prostitutes phone to pose as her and arrest clients?

    I work as an escort in Muncie, Indiana. Recently a friend of mine was arrested for prostitution. Her phone was taken from her during the arrest. The police posed as her and used it to contact all of her clients via text. When they arrived they wer...

    Anthony’s Answer

    Yes they can use her phone. What she (and all of you) ought to do is to have an attorney on call if you should get arrested. He should be called as soon as you are arrested and you need to demand that he be called. If you have a blackberry put a code on it. If you do not give the police the code, and they make X amount of attempts to get into it and fail, it will erase every number on the phone (you can put it back on through blackberry's backup service it keeps your address book in the cloud) I believe the IPhone works the same way using Apple's cloud service.

    Her attorney should try to work a deal out for her for all her "work" in helping police nab the johns however they would likely claim that she "Consented" for them to use her phone.

    This advice is actually good for anyone in any walk of life who has to keep secrets and keeps them on his mobile device.

    You and all of your friends should also check out Sex Workers Outreach Project which can hook you up to sex worker friendly law firms and other services. I have linked to their current web site below.

    Stay safe.
    Good luck

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