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Eddie David Friedman

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  • Wasn't happy

    1.0 star

    Posted by Gary

    Hired Attorney

    My father was killed crossing Sunrise Highway as a pedestrian after being knocked down by one automobile and driven over by another. I was recommended to Roger Simon. I got Ed Friedman who waited two years after I signed the retainer agreement to inform me he wasn't a trial attorney and that his partner Roger Simon, who is a trial attorney, didn't have time to take my case to court. Although I never met him, Simon did conduct the deposition for my case but didn’t depose an individual that was seated in the front passenger seat of the car that drove over my father. After I informed Friedman of this on the phone, after reading the deposition report, he subsequently called the passenger on the phone (as it was now too late to depose her) and Friedman said that she didn’t remember anything. There were thirteen 911 callers of which the police contacted 12. These attorneys made no inquiry about any of them.

    My father was not in the crosswalk but got over two lanes of road before being hit in the third lane. The drivers had been stopped at the previous light when he started to cross and the driver that hit him was on his way to a dentist appointment. The driver that drove over him left the scene of the accident and contacted the police later. Freidman told us on the first day that we met him that the fact that my father was not in the crosswalk would not be a problem because he didn't just dart out in front of a car. This favorably affected our comfort level with him and we signed the retainer agreement. Two years later he told us that the fact that my father wasn’t in the crosswalk was a big problem and he didn't remember saying anything to the contrary. He also waited two years to tell us he didn't think we had a case. I did not want to accept the settlement offered so Friedman referred us to another law firm that had been associated with his, attorney named David Lewis, by stating in email: “We have assigned the matter to experienced, qualified trial counsel.” I tried to get another attorney but was told by other firms that they would have to first pay Friedman and Simon and this would make taking my case a bad investment because they would have also wanted to spend money to hire expert witnesses, something Freidman, Simon, Lewis never intended to do.

    Meanwhile, Lewis continually refused to talk to the opposing lawyers about the details of my father's accident, merely saying that the only point he wanted to make was that my father should have been seen by the drivers. He said that if we went to court he would not address any other details because juries have short attention spans. Instead, he tried to get an increase in the insurance company's offer by finding common cause with the adjuster, based on the fact that their “daughters go to college together.” I had to fight bitterly with Lewis until he agreed to discuss the details of the actual accident with the other attorneys, after I wrote them all down and sent them to him by email a couple of days before trial date. I ended up accepting an offer that I thought was way too low because I was stuck with these attorneys and I didn't trust that Lewis would do an adequate job in court based on his own explanation as to how he would handle the case. However, the entire reason given to us by Mr. Friedman as to why we were being referred to Lewis was that he was a trial attorney and Lewis made it clear he did not want to go to court. Attorneys on both sides shared an interest of coming up with a figure that would “make this case go away” as I was told by Lewis and that figure was less than half of the amount originally estimated by Friedman, although Friedman subsequently denied having made any estimate. The Defense tried to delay payment by insisting on a Death Compromise Order which Lewis told me could take months but the court said was not necessary. Lewis insisted we had to follow their demand until I threatened to cancel the agreement and only then did we get paid.

  • Knowledgable, compassionate team of spectacular Lawyers

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Debora

    It is with great pleasure that I am recommending the services of Eddie Friedman and his team. Mr. Friedman represented me in a soft tissue injury case for lesions I sustained as a consequence of a fall in a supermarket. Although I was experiencing severe pain that had a considerable impact on my level of function, I knew my court case wasn't simple, as "nothing had broke". Mr. Friedman and his staff were phenomenal at protecting my legal rights. I have only words of praise for his work and a genuine appreciation for his humane, thoughtful approach to his clients.

  • Excellent Representation and Friendly Staff!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Andrew

    The firm provided me with excellent legal advice. They took the time to answer all my questions, professional staff, were easy to get a hold of, always called me back within a day if not sooner. Most importantly, walked away with my medical bills all paid for and then some. Very happy and strongly recommended.

  • The Best I've found

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Don

    I have worked with many people in the legal field over my career and Mr. Friedman was hand picked from many and for good reason: every case he has handled for me has been resolved to MY satisfaction. He has always met my expectations, often exceeding them, and in doing so allows me to refer him to my toughest,and most prized, people: my family.