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Michaelangelo Matera

Michaelangelo Matera’s client reviews

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  • Not trustworthy in my case

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Hired attorney

    Hired him, told him wanted a trial and seal record since complainant was not planning on coming in. He didn't want to do the extra work for the retainer I gave him and I can t say he is trustworthy. He gave me an unsealed case which can be seen by any job application who does a background check so this is not a good way to practice since it was emailed and discussed multiple times. Some attys make up their own reviews but this one is from a client.

    Michaelangelo Matera’s response: “Unfortunately we are limited in our ability to give a complete response. However, the client was kept apprised at each and every step and everything was placed on the record in court so it's hard to imaging how we did not make her aware of everything. As for the retainer, the client never paid the full retainer despite promises to do so and nevertheless we still set the case up for trial. Unfortunately the co-defendant took a plea and agreed to testify and stated that they did commit the crime. The facts provided by the client changed on a daily basis and in the end they were not even arguably passable. The client agreed that trial would not be in her best interest and received a non-criminal offense plea and a small fine which under the circumstances was an outstanding disposition.”
  • Excellent Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ramak

    I found Michael through a friend, he is a true professional and very knowledgable. I went to few lawyers for advise and I was hopeless and felt helpless until I met Mike. He knows just what to do and know just when to do it. He treats you like you are his most important client. My only regrets are not going to him sooner with my legal problem. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a caring hard working lawyer.

  • Great Family Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by William

    I tried to go everywhere for help. Friends and family suggested other attorneys. they all took one look at me and first words out of their mouth was a retainer price they saw I couldn't afford before even hearing my problem. Mike welcomed me in like family and listened and cared and tried to help me without even bringing up money before he heard my problem. It was the first time someone was looking out for me in over 20 years. He treated me better than my friends and family. I know a lot of lawyers but none as unique as Matera. Not only was he the ONLY one who didn't judge me, he knew more about my case then the other attorneys that would partially listen, and with no guarantee of a win in my case I never was so confident walking into a courtroom that I would be taken care of. He helped me turn my life around and I was able to bounce back thanks to his hard work and dedication.

  • Experienced

    5.0 stars

    Posted by John & Mary Ann

    My family and I have had several occasions when Michaelangelo Matera's expertise and knowledge was invaluable. On each occasion he excelled. He is an excellent Lawyer, very Knowledgeable in his field and a hard working person. His is also very likeable.

  • Excellent!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by joe.dalonzo

    I have dealt with Michael over the years as a client. He has represented myself and firm regarding Landlord Tenant, DEC and Commercial matters. At ALL times he was open, honest, responsive and trustworthy. I wish Michael the best in all of his future endeavors.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by John and Cathy

    About three and a half years ago I was faced with a legal matter. Thinking it would work itself out because it was a family matter, I waited about a year before I went to see a legal advisor. That person could not help me but new just the right lawyer for my case and introduced me to Michaelangelo Matera. I can't begin to say enough about him. Right after I filled him in on my problem he took action. Phone calls went out right away. Contacts were made and the paper work followed right behind. I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. I had no idea what to do or where to start. My family and couldn't be more happier with Michaels legal services. I can reach him by his cell phone or through his office anytime I need to. He hasn't let us down yet. He's even called me on Saturday and Sunday to inform me of new information. When you get to court it can be overwhelming but Michael represents you in such a way that theirs no need to be nervous. He knows just what to do and know just when to do it. My only regrets are not going to him sooner with my legal problem. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a caring hard working lawyer. He'll always be my family's attorney. Thank you Michael you were ment to be a lawyer.

  • Excellent attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ed

    excellent lawyer. Has worked on contracts for our company, as well as handled various legal issues. Has been incredibly professional and valuable. Would highly recommend Michael Matera to anyone.