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Penny Glaser’s client reviews

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  • An Exceptional Attorney! Diligent, Dedicated & Extremely Knowledgeable

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Trisha

    Penny Slomovitz Glaser was an absolute pleasure to work with, aside from being personable and kind, she was honest, upfront and fair, not to mention extremely knowledgeable about child custody laws. Even her fee’s were reasonable compared to the other 6 attorney’s I had consultations with before making the decision to retain her as my attorney. Additionally, she allowed me to make bi-weekly payments which I did via a series of post dated checks, and fees were never discussed again.
    I worked closely with Penny over the last 7 months to go back to court to renegotiate a complex joint custody agreement due to a change in circumstances. I am pleased to say that with her efforts, and the efforts of the other 2 attorneys involved, we just recently settled out of court with a new modified agreement, which I believe was FAIR to all parties involved, but more importantly in the best interest of the child.
    Penny was easy to work with; at our first meeting after my free consultation I brought all of documentation and evidence supporting my case in date order and I had highlighted the specific things I wanted her to see. The stack of paper was easily the size of a phone book. And paying for the few hours for her to review it was worth its weight in gold. This was all the “work” I needed to do. Penny came well prepared and equipped to represent my case. Penny was diligent and passionate about my case and fought hard for the things I felt were most important to my child’s future and the long term well being. She also reminded me to be forgiving in areas where compromise was an option. Penny paid close attention to the specifics of my case; months after they were discussed she remembered key details in the moments that mattered. I was truly impressed with her knowledge and dedication and am truly grateful for her representation. If I ever need to go back to court, she will certainly be the first person I call!

    Penny S Slomovitz Glaser’s response: “Thank you Trisha. I appreciate your vote of confidence and enjoyed working with you.”

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    I would like to advise anyone looking for an attorney NOT to hire Penny S. Slomovitz Glaser as your attorney to represent you. She is far from professional, does NOT fight for you, makes you do all the work, is MONEY HUNGRY and will charge you a ton of money to do nothing, She harrasses you for payment (worse than a collection agency) when in fact she should not even get one as she is a horrible attorney. I wish I knew before hand when I hired her, but I was scared and going through a bad/dangerous situation and she took advantage of that. Anything I asked her to do, she told me it could not be done. She NEVER fought for me to help me protect my family . All she cared about was how she was getting paid and when. I advise anyone out there thinking of using her not to, because she will not help you at all. You are better off doing it yourself before you hire her if you cannot find a lawyer.

    Penny S Slomovitz Glaser’s response: “I do not know who this person is. He/she cites no particulars of her case and does not state specifically what it is that I did or did not do. I strive to act professionally and in my clients' best interests at all times. I have been practicing law for over 25 years in an ethical and professional manner. If the writer of this review would care to contact me, I would be happy to discuss the situation with him/her.”
  • Very poor Lawyer

    1.0 star

    Posted by LeeAnn

    My husband wanted a divorce when I was pregnant and living out of state from family and friends. After I gave birth, I moved back to NY with my parents and needed a lawyer ASAP. I had no knowledge or experience with divorce lawyers and was very naieve when I hired Penny. She knew my situation, that I had just given birth a few weeks before meeting her and had to resign from a teaching job, and had no income. She charged me a lot of money up front and had me do all of the leg work for her while my newborn was at home with my mother. I realized about a year after my divorce was final ,that I should have gotten much more money and overall out of my divorce. Penny did not fight for anything and I do remember her saying that I had a college education and could get a job and support myself. ight then and there I should have fired her and went else where. Well, I had to spend $20,000 getting my Masters or I would have lost my teaching certificate and I have yet to get a permanent teaching job since moving back to NY after my separtaion 10 years ago!!! I blame Penny Glaser for the fact that I had to suffer all these years and live with my parents since I could not afford to live on my own. I was barely surviving. She made me believe that I was expected to support me and my child on my own with very little help from my ex. I could go on for hours and may even write a book one day aboaut my experience. I learned that many woman still get to live in their houses and not have to work and are fully supportd by their ex's. Well not me thanks to Penny. I lost my house in Virginia and even had to get my own health insurance for me and my newborn!!

    Penny S Slomovitz Glaser’s response: “I have never met this person!”