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John T. Powers, Jr.

John Powers,’s client reviews

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  • John powers is a man of his word

    5.0 stars

    Posted by joe

    I am a professional driver for a living and received dwi , John and I discussed certain terms I needed . For one instance no probation and no hidden costs if the case would drag on . Well John stuck to his word and was pleased by the outcome and no probation, he has great connections and uses them to the best interest of his clients. I highly recommend him

  • case solved

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joe

    My case took 8 years and John did a wonderful job getting a very serious charge dropped to a disorderly conduct.
    When this case was done in the court, I was now faced with getting my job back, I had a union lawyer to do this however I asked John if he would be there since he knew this case so well and he did at no charge.
    I can not thank this man enough for all he has done, I consider him a friend and I would recommend John Powers if ever in the need for a criminal lawyer.

  • TheBest

    5.0 stars

    Posted by AQUI

    Im a 44 year old guy who's had his share of trouble.I've had john represent for the last 20 years. And no matter what the outcome was. I always felt and knew that john tried his best. Recently he made me cry with results I received. When in trouble dont settle for less. GET THE BEST. THANX JOHN.

  • Got Me the Results I Needed !

    5.0 stars

    Posted by DWI Client

    I got a DWI after a long night out last summer. It was a stupid mistake for me to drive. But I hired John to represent me in the case and he got me the results that I needed at a reasonable price. Thanks John!

  • Great Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dave B

    I had to hire Mr. Powers several times on criminal matters and dwi case in which we went to jury trial and won. He is fair and up front regarding your case and he tells your the truth. I've known john for over 15 years and always treated me with upmost respect, being an African American male I knew deep down in my heart and soul he cared about my well being. He put time blood, sweat and tears into all my cases. He's honest, family man and has great values and that what u want in an attorney!! If u want a great lawyer he's the man for the job


    1.0 star

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Retained this lawyer for our family member who was innocent as per arrest. He was accused of a crime that could have put him in prison for 25 years. Powers demanded us to pay high retainer due to the "work" he said he had ahead of him. We took out an equity line of credit so as to pay the retainer and ongoing fees for him and his so-called investigator. He gave us "lip service" about having his investigator commence work immediately. However, neither he nor his investigator did anything whatsoever, not immediately nor months later. Essential time was passing; crucial evidence towards proof of innocence was not being followed up on. An innocent young person's life was being ruined and Powers did not take it as seriously as he should have. We asked what he was doing; he didn't have much to tell us nor show us for the money we were paying. (He was more interested in asking for more money than proving results of any kind to us.) We interviewed other attorneys, found one who was empathetic to our young family member's dilemna, who immediately told us what should have been done as per the current timeline in the case, etc. We hired him immediately. We then wrote Powers to tell him that he was discharged from the case because he had failed to investigate, meet with the District Attorney's Office, etc. We also asked that our family member's file be forwarded to the new law firm. He dug his heals, refused to acknowledge our discharging him, allowed his ego to interfere with our young family member's best interest. He also refused to send the file to the new law firm. The new law firm wrote him a letter, threatened to bring him in front of the Bar Association and the Judicial Grievance Committee. Post his finally sending family member's file to new law firm, he sent us his billing statement. Yes, it was padded and we questioned him about it. He agreed that there were items on the billing statement that were erroneously included. We demanded the difference of our money, the return of quite a few thousands of dollars that we had paid, but that he did nothing to earn. He repeatedly said that he would refund it, but we never received it. No, he never returned it. We were quite caught up with our family member's case which took much of our time as well as took time to move through the court system. We believe that Powers took advantage of these facts and hedged his bets that we would not have time to go after him for our money. However, he should have returned our money as soon as he acknowledged that we were due the refund. He should not have kept money that he knew, deep down inside, he did not deserve. Powers is the reason why lawyers get a bad rap. STAY CLEAR OF HIM. (PS New law firm was professional, diligent and successful in proving our family member's innocence, literally saved a young person's life.)

    John T. Powers, Jr.’s response: “The above review is false. The post was made by a family member of a client on a criminal case from over 13 years ago. This office represented our client zealously and aggressively, resulting in a dismissal of very serious charges before for trial. In my career of over 16 years as a practicing criminal defense attorney, no client has ever filed a grievance against me nor have I ever requested money for anything not explicitly set forth in my Firm's retainer agreement.”
  • John Powers is a Pitbull..........

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joseph

    I have known John Powers personally and professionally for over 15 years. He is a very hard working and skilled litigator. His preparation is tireless and his character is solid. He is also held in very high esteem by judges and DAs in Suffolk and Nassau Counties.