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John Virdone

John Virdone’s client reviews

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  • Injured Dad.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Marcell

    I'm a returning client of Mr. Virdone, my new case is support modification. I just injured my foot which require surgery and a 3-4 month recovery time. My ex an I do not talk at all. Communicating with the court is impossible (phone just rings) to inform them of my injury and I may not be able to send my support. Called John and he took care of everything. Told me to just rest and get my foot better. I always show up for (I reside in Maryland) court too fight for my son, John made my wife and I feel assured he will make sure the magistrate understand my injury has sideline me.

  • Marcell Henry (out of state client) I live in Maryland

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Marcell

    Mr. Virdone is the BEST lawyer I've ever seen and worked with. Being an out of state Dad makes everything so much more difficult to fight and represent myself. New York denied me a DNA test do to me not having been properly served by a processes server. (Out of State) I'm deemed the Farther by default. The plaintiff lived in Maryland but moved backed because of the end of our relationship. I've been paying support do to the default judgement. I went to New York and google: Lawyers and John Virdone and I've been happier ever since. O, and yeah because of John I will have my court ordered DNA test. Thank you God, and thank you Mr. Virdone! This case of mines has not been easy! I swear John makes this sh$@ looks easy. Great lawyer!


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Janet

    John Virdone has represented me for more than eight years, primarily in the areas of family law,
    landlord and tenant matters, and real estate practice. Without reservation, I can state that his
    legal acumen, litigatory skills, and negotiating techniques are masterful.

    As a certified paralegal, I am often in a position to judge an attorney's skill level. John has an
    outstanding grasp of the law. This is no more evident than in his superior motion practice,
    comprehensive legal research, and remarkable history of prevailing in complex cases.

    Moreover, John's interpersonal skills reveal an attorney who cares deeply about his clients'
    welfare. His compassion is the foundation upon which the attorney-client relationship is built.

    Time and again, I find that this foundation reinforces the ease of communication so necessary
    when matters become complicated or require sophisticated analyses. John has the unique
    ability to explain without resorting to legal jargon which many clients may find difficult to

    Likewise, when a matter is fraught with emotion, John has the resourcefulness needed to
    reassure and encourage. It is a great relief to know that one's attorney is a source of trust,
    confidence, and well-grounded hope.

  • Virdone defended us well in a lawsuit from a national radio program

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bob Enyart Live

    We are a Denver radio program, and we were sued in a trademark dispute in the Supreme Court, State of New York in Manhattan. On our behalf, John Virdone first removed the case to federal court (which benefited us greatly), and then worked out a settlement within a few weeks so that we could avoid a prolonged court case.

  • Limiting Grandparent's visitation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rachel

    Attorney John Virdone is simply outstanding litigator.
    He represented me at the Queens Family Court with the ugly grandparent custody/visitation matter that was on going for more than two years. My case was exceptionally difficult due to the subject matter jurisdiction. Many attorneys before Mr.Virdone have failed to span their legal knowledge between two different states, however, Mr.Virdone patiently work through my case by teaming up with other state avocate.
    As a respondent, and a parent, I was devastated and lost. However, Mr.Virdone helped me overcome the sensitive legal matter which involved: ACS, Police investigation, order of protection, forensic reports, and law guardian. His knowledge in family law is superb and his preparation for the trial is flawless.
    During the trial, Mr.Virdone nailed the issue of grandparent's intrusion in the life of family. His sharp points on the mental state of grand parents made the forensic expert to recommend the visitation to be limited and supervised. Furthermore, Mr.Virdone prove to court that the subject child's best interest diverges from the grandparents attempts/intention. His cross-examination with forensic expert shift the judge's perspective to limit the existing grandparent's visitation. As a outcome, adversary party request to settle for much less visitation; even before the trial was over. I am fully satisfy with the result and the jurisdiction finally stays at home state where I reside.

  • Everything a Lawyer Should Be

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anthony

    John is a man of integrity, skill and knowledge. He represented me in a viciously contentious custody matter involving parental alienation and he did an outstanding job. As an attorney myself (corporate law), I have met hundreds of attorneys in my 25 years of practice; John is the most trustworthy of them all. Before John came into the picture, I hadn't spent a Christmas with my sons in six years and my family was kept away from them by my ex. I am looking forward to a holiday homecoming with my sons and family, which includes their presence at my ailing mother's 75th birthday party. John made it happen.

  • Grandparent Custody Case !!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Linda & Vincent

    John Virdone is an exceptional lawyer for grandparents rights. He represented us in our grandparent custody case. Thanks to his expertise at our trial, we the grandparents won. He explained every step of the way and answered all of our questions . He is thorough, patient and extremely ethical. His manner in a courtroom is impeccable. We felt very reassured that he was representing us even when the process was at times overwhelming.

  • Making the Best of a Hopeless Case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Barbara

    Although I accomplished NONE of my goals in this family legal matter, John helped make this onerous process bearable. I didn't fully grasp the hopelessness of my case, but John was always patient, encouraging and informative. He never sugar-coated anything, but was gently supportive.

  • Attorney Rating

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Melissa Rosenberg

    I am a grandparent with custody of my grandson. Mr. Virdone did what others could not! He is kind and compassionate and answers all of your concerns. Mr Virdone is an expert in the area of Grandparental rights in NY state. He is actively working to help so many grandparents who find themselves raising their grandchildren. He is a knowledgeable, fair and a decent human being and he cares! I highly recommend Mr. Virdone. We could not have had better representation!

  • Grandparent Visitation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Laura

    Mr. John Virdone is an exceptional attorney who is also kind and empathetic. His knowledge of family law exceeds that of other attorney's I had contacted. He took over my case from another lawyer at my request and handled it competently, professionally, responded quickly to all my questions, and got the results we had hoped for. I would recommend him highly without reservation.