I feel lucky to have been referred to Mr.Michaelson a few years back when my Landlord tried to illegally raise my rent and evict me for failing to comply with his new & illegal rent raise on my apt. When I brought him the paperwork he quickly saw a flaw that would have that case dismissed causing my landlord to have to file a new case. Mr.Michaelson basically outlined the whole scenario for me, gave me an idea of what he expected to happen in our trial and thats EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. I was extremely pleased with the outcome.

He has since helped a family member of mine in a very delicate Commercial Landlord Tenant matter and again was able to get positive results and keep us informed as to what may or may not happen. That case also went to trial and Mr.Michaelson again got us positive results.

I recommend Mr.Michaelson to anybody seeking a good, experienced, Landlord / Tenant attorney that will always make experienced legal moves keeping there best interests in mind and getting the best results possible.