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Bradley Ross Siegel

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  • Signed an agreement with the company to accept a special assignment. Now in danger of being terminated due to realignment.

    I was coerced into signing an agreement to accept a special assignment on business realignment for the company. I was told that if I did not sign I would not have a job in 6 months due to the realignment. If I did sign I would have a very signific...

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    I suggest that you discuss this with an employment attorney who can also review the agreement with you. It is possible that you have a legal cause of action for age discrimination and it is possible that you have other potential claims against your employer. The attorney can advise you on what to do and not do if your employer takes any adverse action. You can also consider contacting the NY Division of Human Rights and other agencies or departments that help employees with employment related issues.

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  • Can i sue for pain and suffering in small claims court in nassau county ny. or something close to it

    i am on ssi and medicaid.i was attaked by 4 people in a meeting.medicaid payed for my hospital elbow was fractured.the police said it was a cival matter.what can i sue for?

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    Im sorry to hear that this happened to you. I have some questions about this situation. What meeting were you in and where did it take place? Who are the people who attacked you ? Generally speaking if you were attacked this should be a matter for the police or the district attorney. You can sue those who did this for you and the damages that they caused. The court will determine if you will win and how much if anything. If you answer the questions above I can provide additional answers as part of a free consultation.

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  • Do you give free contract advice

    Have an offer and need advice

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    We offer a free half hour in person or telephone consultation our Long Island offices are located near the Nassau Coliseum in East Meadow.

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  • Can the landlord kick me out without me having a copy of a signed lease?

    I just moved into an apartment in brooklyn ny and I gave first months, security, and realtors fee. I signed two copies of the lease and was told that I will get a copy as soon as the landlord signs it. Its been over a month now and I have not rece...

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    In New York City a Landlord cant just kick you out. They have to serve you with notices required by law. If you get served with these notices you will have an opportunity to appear in court and provide your defence to the Judge. The only way to legally evict you is if a New York City Marshall serves you with a warrant of eviction . A warrant of eviction has to be issued by the court .

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