Howard Arber is unethical , ruthless and incompetent to say the least. I hired him to handle an appeal and in doing so he didn't include 2 exhibits that were vital to having my plea vacated. He also gave me advise which lead to a violation of probation...which he guaranteed would never happen. I paid him over 6,000 dollars. I wound up in jail for 2 months, during which time I changed attorneys. I never signed a retainer with him for the money he asked for, and never received one bill ever to account how the money was being used. I called to ask for a refund for all the unused money, at which time he became nasty and arrogant. He agreed he owed me a lot of the money and kept putting me off and then never returned my calls. I filed a grievance and to this date haven't received any money back. He acts very nice when getting the money, gives dangerous advise, and couldn't even remember the key exhibits which he sited in my appeal. He is ruthless and unethical and has a very bad temper.