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Robert Brunetti’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Richard

    Hired Attorney

    Awesome Job!

    Even though it was over 30 years in between, technically this was my third DWI. There was a video of me hitting another car in the parking lot as I was backing out. It was during a snow storm but you gotta admit---it doesnt look good. Refused the breathalyzer (best decision I could have made!) Had to complete 1 year with TASC. (couldnt drink for a year---who cares!) End result...reduced plea to driving while impaired--60 days suspension of license and have to take a DDP course (For DMV-not court)--$750 fine. No community service, no interlock device, no BS! My daughter who had a 2 week lapse of insurance had a harsher penalty! You will not see Robert all the time but Lisa, Robert and all the staff lawyers and secretaries were awesome.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Life altering experience.

    Not Guilty was the end result after 20 months of waiting for my daughters DUI trial
    Robert Brunetti performed brilliantly in the courtroom.
    His meticulous strategizing and intimate knowledge of the subject of DUI prepared us for what lay before us.
    After 10 days in court with experts he put on the stand and his amazing cross examination style, the jury realized there was no verdict but NOT GUILTY even though we were told by other attorneys to plead guilty.
    I highly recommend anyone to consult with Mr. Brunetti and his Team before making a decision on counsel as this can be a life changing experience.
    We are forever grateful to Rob Brunetti.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by RB

    Top Notch Representation!!

    My first experience with Mr. Brunetti was as a juror for a DUI case.
    All I can say is the man is passionate about his work, and it showed in ALL aspects of the trial.
    I took his business card after the trial as I needed legal advice for a family member.
    He went the extra mile for his client, handled each witness for the defense and prosecution like I have only seen in films, and he ultimately proved how his client was innocent.
    Myself, along with the fellow jurors were immediately unanimous when it came to our verdict during deliberation...INNOCENT on ALL counts.
    The man knows the legal system.... and I cannot say enough in regards to how he defended his client and stated his case.
    If you have a legal debacle whether your innocence is in question, or have other legal issues, you will not go wrong with legal representation from Brunetti and Ascione PLLC.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by dmj3252


    As a police officer where I had to testify in the courtroom resulting from DWI arrests, I have had many challenges in going up against Robert Brunetti. He knows the breathalyzer instrument better than most attorneys. He knows and understands how it's designed and functions. Brunetti is very thorough and knows how to win.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by ROBERT

    You are in good hands with Brunetti and Ascione for your DWI/DUI case

    First be prepared for a two year battle. That's just how the system creeps along, and yes you won't see Rob or Lisa at every court hearing but rest assured they will be at the ones that count. I had 9 adjournments ,8 of which were because the State was not prepared. I was prepared on several occasions , to just give up and throw in the towel and plead guilty to a DWI as charged. What convinced me to fight was when I saw Robs performance at my DMV hearing for refusing the breathalyzer. He had the officer so intimidated that he was stumbling all over himself trying to answer the rapid fire barrage of questions. Finally the State agreed to the lesser charge of driving while impaired with no probation and no community service. I took it and ran. Finally one thing that really impressed me was that Rob returns text messages ...on the same DAY!, and often within minutes.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Dan

    NOT GUILTY!!!, Rob and Brunetti & Ascione are the BEST at what they do!

    Over two years ago I was wrongly accused of driving under the influence. At the time I thought there was nothing I could do but accept the DA’s offer of a misdemeanor and three years of probation. Knowing I was innocent I decided to fight it. Luckily, I had a friend who witnessed my innocence and immediately made a phone call to a judge who was a friend of his. That judge told him “when she is on trail with a difficult DWI case she calls Brunetti for advice.” Shortly after this I got to meet with Robert Brunetti and he insured me that we could win. He informed me how inaccurate the intoxilyzer is and the numerous protocols need to be followed in order for the intoxilyzer to work. If any of these protocols aren’t done the machine will return a high and inaccurate reading. It has been a long two years do to the DA’s persistence not to offer me a lower plea. Today, I look back and can say I glad the DA never did. Rob got me a decision of NOT GUILTY on all accounts. I will always owe Rob for this. I now for the first time in two years can look forward to the future and not dwell in the past. The firm, Brunetti & Ascione has been nothing but professional and caring. I got to know everyone there on personal level, which made dealing with this difficult situation so much easier. Rob treated my case as though it was a million dollar trail putting more energy into it then anyone can imagine. I even got to meet his family when we would work later nights at his house. I cannot stress how fortunate I am for meeting Rob Brunetti. He’s truly the best!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Elliot

    Excellent Job

    Robert did an excellent job. Was very straight forward and realistic about my situation. Everything played out exactly as he said it would. He was fair and thorough on the different options I had and the costs associated with each choice. He was professional and responsive throughout the entire process as well as afterwards. I would highly recommend Robert.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by PJ/CM

    Brunetti doesn't just win cases he saves lives! He's undeniably incredible, ferociously effective, & irresistibly spellbinding!

    On September 13th 1985 a television sitcom called “Golden Girls” aired for the very first time... The lyrics were... "Thank you for being a friend, Traveled down the road and back again, Your heart is true you're a pal and a confidant. And if you threw a party, Invited everyone you ever knew, You would see the biggest gift would be from me... And the card attached would say thank you for being a friend."
    Robert Brunetti took a call on a cold January morning in the year 2012 & the hysterics were nearly Oscar worthy. It was me on the other end. I was a distressed basket case. The greatest love of my life had been arrested a year earlier for suspicion of DWI after a motor vehicle accident & the case was being represented by a raving lunatic. The attorney “representing” us had worsened the case to a point where the District Attorney could have went to Hawaii for a month & handled the slam-dunk from a sand filled beach under a sun-drenched sky.
    From the start of the very first phone call something was quite different about Robert & it was more than clear as to just what that was... He's simply a man who doesn't care for “the job” but rather cares for “the client”. Not many whom today can proudly wear that badge. Robert spent his personal drive time on the phone with me and when I tried to let him go so he would be safe or so that he could call his wife or kids during the precious little time he had to himself he said... “No... go ahead... this is what I do... my wife is amazing... she understands.”
    At one point as we went along with the case discussion, Robert asked “So...What do you want to come out of this?” We said we wanted to walk away like it never happened... he said “Okay”... & proceeded along as if this were a walk in the park. Not because it was actually a walk in the park because it was anything but... & not because it was easy because again; it was anything but... but because he was a man on a mission & had just switched over to the second coming of The Terminator.
    Before we'd finished going over the case, before contracts were signed & he was officially our new attorney, & before money was exchanged; Robert became irate on our behalf & started working his ass to the bone. He never stopped. He never once took a breath & if he did it was only to breathe new life into us. He never once forgot us or about us or what the case was about. He was never mean, never impatient, never made us feel dirty or guilty. After meeting Robert's incredibly superb associates Ken Fitzgerald & Scott Benjamin we not only knew we made the right move but we felt like we were home—with family. We felt as though we belonged; & like there was hope.
    The greatest gift one can give is the gift of selflessness & that's just what this firm does every second of every minute of every single day. They fight, they defend, they protect, they share, they give, they make you laugh, hold your hand when you cry & they carry you when the fear will no longer let you stand up straight on your own. They know pain and fright, they relate & are relatable. They play hard, they play well, and they play to win... They're united group, right down to the unbelievably fantastic legal assistant/office secretary Marsha. Together they are a force stronger than any fire or storm could ever be—& they never let you down.
    Robert says his firm is “expensive” but this isn't true... for the quality of work this beloved firm does they're working for pennies—and believe me they are worth every bit of their price & a million times more.
    Our case worked out perfectly—one couldn't ask for more. As I sit savoring the taste of the sweet freedom these incredible warriors won for us... I'd be remiss if I didn't mention it's bittersweet... not because we aren't happy to have walked away with ZERO criminal record but because the pain of having to walk away from the people we have come to know as family is perhaps all to much to bear. “Thank you for being a friend.” We truly love you!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    Great lawyer who knows the laws and how work the facts to a victorious outcome!!!

    Robert is a stand up guy. When i first met him i was working with another lawyer, another good guy but i wanted to feel out my options as i never thought i would be in this situation. I was referred to him by a local official in law enforcement that had to face him. He stated to me that if i was ever in that situation "that's the guy I want"!!!! So I did my research and digging and found out that I needed to meet him. So i made and arrangement to meet him and he was more than welcoming. We discussed the case and the facts and he sounded very confident that was a winnable case in a genuine fashion, (not as a salesman). So I decided to retain him and move forward. I was a very pro active client and worked with Mr Brunetti trying to feed him as much info as possible that would help him help me. This case seemed to be taking for ever and the DA was very persistent to prosecute for an aggravated felony. when things were not feeling so comfortable i sought out advice from other lawyers and was on the verge of making a move. We pushed off the case for a day to think. I went to lunch with Robert and he reassured me that we were strong and had a great case. I stuck with my guns and decided to stick with the man i chose, and let the facts prove themselves. through out this whole process Robert and his assistant, Ken Fitzgerald, were very informative and helpful. They walked me through the process and when ever there was a question they responded. There was alot at stake for me and i couldn't have been happier with the outcome. At the mapp hearing Robert was on point with his facts and definately gave the arresting officer as much as he could handle. He was persistent, factual, aggressive, yet respectful. (like a bulldog in a suit and tie). He told me where he was going to capitalize and how we would win. He was correct. Bottom line -- THE MAN KNOWS HIS FACTS. Not all lawyers are created equal and I'm glad my gut told me to pick him!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Rene

    Incomparable knowledge, commitment and professionalism. Bottom line: his firm delivers results.

    I was referred to Mr. Brunetti by a friend of mine who was a client of his. This friend was acquitted after a trial. She did me an enormous favor by referring me to Robert, because I have relied on him three times over the last 11 years and he has delivered excellent results for me each time. He defeated both of the refusal hearing I had to attend. His cross examination of the police officer in one of my cases at a pre-trial hearing was so effective that the DA eventually offered me a disorderly conduct plea. The other two cases were plead down to violations as well. Mr. Brunetti, his partners, and their staff were just consummate professionals throughout the entire time that I have known them. I can and have referred Mr. Brunetti enthusiastically and without reservation to anyone who requires the services of a defense attorney.