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Jane K. Cristal

Jane Cristal’s client reviews

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  • Jane K Cristal

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lori

    Hired Attorney

    I was most secure being represented by Jane Cristal, both in Court and in her detailed work on all legal documents. Jane was always accessible to me by phone and in person. She explained legal proceedings to me at length and in terms that I was able to fully comprehend.
    My phone calls were promptly returned and in a timely manner.
    Jane Cristal is extremely knowledgeable, professional and considerate of her clients’ feelings. I would highly recommend her to anyone having matrimonial legal issues.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I chose Jane Cristal to represent me during one of the most difficult times in my life, my divorce. From the first meeting
    Jane Cristal was always easy to communicate with, accessible and attentive to my needs. Her professionalism and decades of experience
    in the field of divorce law allowed me to feel secure and well-represented during this emotionally turbulent time in my life.
    She educated me and strongly advocated for me, a combination that served me well. I would have no hesitancy in referring Jane Cristal
    to any of my friends or family in need of her expertise.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Cynthia

    Jane K. Cristal is, by far, the BEST attorney. I had been represented by other attorneys during my divorce. No other attorney was as capable, effective and compassionate as Jane Cristal… she represented me in a contentious post-judgment proceeding. I was going through a serious health issue when I was served with a post-judgment application by my ex-husband. Jane Cristal took the papers, told me to focus on getting better and handled everything. She is results-oriented and obtained exactly what I wanted and what I needed financially. Jane Cristal returned my every phone call promptly and answered all my questions. I really appreciated her clear explanations. Every time we spoke it was apparent to me that Jane Cristal cared deeply about me as a client and what was in my best interests. The way she represented me …. that’s what legal representation should be. I hope I never need legal representation again, but if I do, Jane Cristal is the only attorney I will allow to represent me.


    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    When I first retained her, she feigned interest and compassion. She blew my initial retainer with unneeded conferences and file reviews. She spent more time documenting my invoice hours, than performing any actual productive work. She spent down the initial retainer before my soon to be ex even filed an answer. She is manipulative and only cares about her billable hours. Stay away


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Hazel

    At the end of my consultation with Jane Cristal, I knew I had found the right attorney.
    Ms. Cristal not only has an in-depth knowledge of matrimonial law, but she is also a strong and zealous advocate for her client. She is trustworthy, very pleasant to speak and interact with, and has the unique ability to bring conflict between parties to a successful resolution. I must also give "kudos" to her outstanding staff that made sure all filings were made on a timely basis and in accordance with court deadlines.

    Thank you, Ms. Cristal, for your strong negotiation skills and sage advice during the "roller coaster" period in my life.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Support client

    Jane K. Cristal is a strong legal advocate who is extremely knowledgeable not just about the law of divorce but also about the know-how of divorce. She is hands-on, thorough, concerned and compassionate. She gets the human side of the issues. I think she is leagues above the rest. Jane Cristal always focused on what was in my best interest and always explained to me, in an easy to understand way, exactly what all my options were. I was always kept informed of the goings-on in my case and she was able to communicate clearly to me all of the possible outcomes I could expect from the court.

    Jane Cristal listened to every detail of my case with great attentiveness. She had an amazing legal team of lawyers and staff that assisted on everything and that worked hard to put together every piece of my case. A very well-run firm where everyone knows your case and works together to make sure the papers are top notch and that the client and case gets a lot of time and attention.

    For divorce and family law type issues, I put all my trust in Jane Cristal, Esq. And, I was quite happy that I did.

  • Professional & Trustworthy

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Darlene

    About 9 years ago,I needed to find an attorney. Fortunately, I found Jane Cristal. Deciding it was time for a divorce was hard enough, but Jane took away all of my fears. When I called her office for the first time and spoke with her, she was very attentive and made me feel very comfortable. I made an appointment for a consultation to discuss my case in detail and by the time I left her office, I knew I had retained the right attorney. She thoroughly explained options to me and walked me through every detail. She was always thorough in her explanations and always looked at the case from all angles.
    Our personalities are slightly different but I do believe we worked well together. At times when I doubted what the next step should be, some how we always ended up doing what she suggested from the beginning. I think at times I was my own worst enemy and should have just followed her guidance. I am confident that the professionalism she has shown me throughout the years is the same for each of her clients. I find her to be very trustworthy and am confident that I made the right choice when looking for an attorney to represent me . I found her to be extremely knowledgeable and absolutely devoted to her work. She was always fair and looking out for my best interest as well as my children.
    Recently, I had to return to Jane's office. Even though my case was settled a couple of years ago, new issues needed to be addressed. I was comforted to know she still remembered every detail of my case. I am once again confident that I have made the right choice in retaining Jane.

  • Stay away, terrible

    1.0 star

    Posted by Florea

    Bad lawyer. Had the nerve to talk to my ex giving her legal advice when I was the one paying her. Wasted my initial retainer and then asked for more for a simple no fault divorce. STAY AWAY!