He was my lawyer , and I highly recommend him. He knows what he's doing . Once he take your case , you know he's gonna give an excellent outcome in your case . No doubt about it! He's charm and intelligence will win your case:) surely worth to pay this lawyer! I can say, why am i gonna pay fir a cheap lawyer and not sure of the outcome. With Atty W. McDonald, im secured and confident that what Im paying , will not go to a waste but give me assurance and confident because the first time I met him, his words tells me " he is the best lawyer, a lawyer I can vouch!" He is one of the top lawyer !!!
As a person , I can tell , he's a kind hearted and down to earth as well.
I remember , I pay him a visit after ... Almost a year , he still remember me, he gave me a hug. I accommodate me well! Overall rating... Excellent lawyer in all your needs!!!