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Luke Scardigno

Luke Scardigno’s client reviews

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  • An Attorney you are able to be 100% confident in!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Erika

    Hired attorney

    If I could give Attorney Scardigno more than five stars I would. I made the stupid mistake of shoplifting for the first time ever in October 2015 and was fearful for the outcome. I feared for my future of grad school and just was devastated with what I did for the first time and of course learned a valuable lesson. That night after being released I looked online aimlessly for an attorney because I didn't want to take any chances. Everyone assured me since it was my first time having a mishap with the law it would get dismissed and I should settle for a public defender but I did not want to take any chances. Since it was my first time ever getting in trouble I was relased that night with a desk appearance ticket and a court date for the following month.

    I searched for several days and many attorneys were asking for at least $1,500, which is hard for someone who lives on their own and pays rent(let alone having rent around the same time my court appearance was. Finally I came across Attorney Scardigno and contacted him. It was the weekend but I still got an email back from him and his price was way lower and very reasonable and he seemed more confident with the outcome than the ones charging me $1,500. He assured me most likely I would only have to do a shoplifting class and receive one day of community service and after six months it can be dismissed (known as an ACD).

    Attorney Scardigno was very understanding and I had to split my payment between two weeks and even though he only got half the payment the first week right away he made himself available and put me at ease. I work for attorneys and unfortunately many aren't as understanding or are willing to answer themselves but Attorney Scardigno was.

    I had my full confidence from the beginning of signing the retainer until the day leading up to court in which the result I was promised was delivered. Not only was his job impeccable work but he was also an amazing individual and even put me at ease during our first phone conference. I recommend him to anyone. He is not all about getting paid but really cares about the outcome and working his hardest to get you the best possible outcome.

    Although I hope I wont need a criminal lawyer in the future I recommend him to anyone

  • If you are looking for a professional and caring attorney who knows what they are doing, Luke Scardigno is definitely the one!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by K.S

    I must write a review for Luke Scardigno because I am so grateful for what he has done for me. When I was looking for legal advise I went to visit him for a consultation. Before that I was so nervous and worried over my case but right after we spoke to Luke he was able to ease my mind and my family and I knew he was the one to represent my case. Right from the start, he was prepared and gave me all the information on the documents I needed to bring in. I had a month away before my court date, and during that time I was always able to call or visit him. On the day of court I notice many people who had similar cases to mine were getting 6 months to a year dismissal, but Luke was able to get me down to 30 day dismissal! I could not put into words how grateful I am to have Luke work on my case. Even after court Luke told me I can call him anytime if I had any questions. Many attorneys don't even bother or care when they are finished with a case. If you are looking for a professional, caring, well prepared, experienced, attorney I highly recommend Luke Scardigno.

  • Luke is an excellent attorny!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kesley

    I came to Mr. Scardigno early January of 2014 when my future was on the line. I had gotten mix up with the wrong individuals and found myself facing a felony charge. I was terrified and confused of my options in the matter being that is was my first encounter with the law. Getting convicted with a felony charge would have greatly dimmed any hopes a having a promising future. The possibility of me returning back to St John's University or being admitted into any four year university for that matter was zero to none.

    Mr. Scardigno handled my case with the upmost care and professionalism. He understood the circumstance of which I was facing and believed in my story. Luke told me everything would work out, and he worked diligently and made sure that his words came to past. He even went as far as to set up a meeting with my deans to help plead my side of the case. When all was said and done I left the court house late October with no criminal record and and opportunity to continue my education at St. John's University.

    It is my pleasure to recommend and promote and services of Luke Scardigno to anyone in need of it. Through my experience in dealing with him I observe that he is one who loves what he does and takes it seriously. It's not only his work ethic and professionalism that sets him apart from the others. It is his compassion, love and respect he has toward his clients. The way Luke treated me throughout this process amazed me, I felt as if I was his son or a close relative of his. I have never experience that level of customer service before.

    I Highly recommend the services of Luke Scardigno. Luke thank you for everything you've done. God Bless
    -Kesley P.

  • Best Lawyer!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I got a DAT for petit larceny and i got in touch with several lawyers,Mr.Scardigno was the only one who put me at ease.when i got to court,He got me in and out so fast with a dismissal!!if you are ever in trouble and you need an affordable lawyer who knows what hes doing,Mr.Scardigno is the one!!!

  • A lawyer that's with you the whole way through

    5.0 stars

    Posted by J.S.

    Luke Scardigno is the man you want to hire if you're in any kind of legal trouble. I would highly recommend his services. He's not just a great lawyer, but he treats you as if you are family. He made it easy for me, as he supplied me with a very flexible payment plan. Even after my case was over, he still did favors for me without even charging me. I've been dealing with Luke for over a year and a half now. He represented me in 2 different cases and both were resolved in my favor. Great guy!

  • A lawyer who really cares.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Santiago C.

    I consulted with various lawyers before I hired Luke Scardigno and the main reason was because he immediately put me at ease about my legal case and my financial situation. From the moment I met him during the initial consultation, Luke Scardigno told me not to worry about his fee and assured me that he would see to it that I don't end up with a criminal record.

    He cared more about me and making sure that I don't end up with a criminal record than his fee, which ended up being about half of what other lawyers were charging. During the initial consultation, he first walked me through the entire process of my case and told me what to expect and then he offered me an easy payment plan for his representation.

    I was facing two felony charges and Luke Scardigno was able to lower one to a misdemeanor which will be dismissed in six months and he lowered the other one to a disorderly conduct which will be eventually sealed. But, most of all I will not end up with a criminal record, just like he assured me.

    If you need a criminal lawyer who is experienced, who is extremely knowledgeable, who knows his way around the legal system and who charges reasonable fees, Luke Scardigno is your man. But, if you want a lawyer who will also care about you and not just your case, than Luke Scardigno is the one for you.

  • Luke Scardigno - The People's Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Stuart

    I hired Luke after speaking to over a dozen different attorneys regarding my case. I cannot say enough about how well he managed my case, leaving no space for discrepancy between expectations and reality. He is compassionate, understanding, and really fights for his clients the way he represents himself - with integrity and excellence. I highly recommend Luke Scardigno for any criminal defense needs.

  • Continuos outstanding performance through the years.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Frank D.

    Mr. Luke Scardigno has been serving me and my family for the last twenty five years. This month he just concluded another successful case for my son. Once again, he was fair, competitively priced and most of all, caring about the best outcome.
    We are so pleased that we decided to post our feelings of great satisfaction on his website. I was a little taken back by a review posted four months ago by a certain “gentleman”. The “rant” that he wrote cannot be taken seriously and cannot ever be held against Mr. Scardigno. As I mentioned earlier, not only do I know and believe in Mr. Scardigno’s professional work ethics, I have received great feedback testimonies from many of my family members, friends and colleagues which I have referred to him in the last few decades.
    I will continue to recommend this professional who uses his heart when dealing with people’s legal issues at hand.
    Frank D.

  • Outstanding Attorney!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sandro

    If you are looking for an attorney to work hard for you then hire Luke. He never stops working for his clients, listens to their needs and explains his legal fees immediately. I had to hire Luke on two separate occasions over the past year and he exceeded my expectations during both cases. When I met with Luke he could tell I was very anxious, so he quickly put me at ease and explained all my options. I was also amazed that he called me after my case was over just to find out how my family was doing. Hire Luke and your case will be handle with care. Thank you again for your hard work Luke!

  • Best Lawyer Around

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Christopher M

    I have known Luke Scardigno professionally for about 10 years, and I continue to use his services for my own, and my family's legal matters. When I retained him for my first legal matter, he was compassionate about my case, was sympathetic regarding my situation, and achieved an amazing result in the case. He did all that for a very fair price, and it was not all about the money with him, as I had experienced with other lawyers in the past. He was genuinely concerned with the best results on my behalf. He recently has helped me set up a contract for the computer business I own. Even though I know that this is not his primary practice, I went to him because of my great trust in his honesty, integrity, and the hard work he puts into his work. I would recommend Luke Scardigno to anyone who has a legal matter, without any reservation whatsoever.