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Robert Tolle’s client reviews

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  • I am a former client of Robert Tolle

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Landlord & Tenant client

    I hired Robert Tolle to represent me to evict a holdover tenant and I did not find him to be very effective. Based upon his performance, I would NOT hire him again nor do I recommend him for landlord/tenant cases. From the date I hired him, it took MORE than 6 MONTHS for the tenants to move out. The tenants did exactly what they wanted to do and moved out when it was convenient for them and left the apartment a mess. The tenant did not have an attorney. I believe I would have been better off had I not hired Robert Tolle. Robert was not very responsive, I tried repeatedly to call Robert to discuss the case PRIOR to the date of scheduled appearances and he rarely returned my phone calls and was not available to speak with me before the day of most court appearances to prepare. Infact, there was one occasion where I did not have the documents that would have helped my case because Robert Tolle did not return my call and did not speak to me before the day of the scheduled court appearance. During one appearance, he offerred to pay the tenants OVER $1000.00 to move out WITHOUT FIRST OBTAINING my PERMISSION or speaking with me about the offer. Fortunately, the tenant declined "his offer." I was not in a financial position to pay the tenants the amount he offered especilly since the tenant had stopped paying rent. There was also one instance when Robert did not follow my explicit instruction and it caused a problem. Moreover, at no time did Robert Tolle sit down with me to discuss and fully explain the case, my various options, and the various potential outcomes despite my many attempts to do so. He often showed up to court at the last minute, had many clients to represent and did not have enough time to meaningfully discuss the case the on date of the appearances. I wish Robert would have cared about my case and providing vigorous and effecive representation as he did about collecting his fee.