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Christopher B Kleister

Christopher Kleister’s client reviews

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  • Awesome Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by George

    Hired attorney

    What an awesome attorney! I am going through a divorce and with all the stress and pain associated with that process finding the right attorney seemed difficult. Chris Kleister IS the right attorney. Incredibly professional and thorough. Mr. Kleister puts you right at ease as he guides you through all the legal intricacies. What impressed me most was the manner in which he handles himself in court and before the judge. Mr. Kleister speaks with such authority and conviction, almost as if he were fighting for himself. I have never been happier with a decision. Mr. Kleister was also always available for any questions that may pop to mind and would always put me at ease with the answers. The Kleister Law Goups fees are also very reasonable and never once did I feel that I was just another file#. I truly feel as though I have a friend representing me. To take this a step further the staff at Kleister Law Group is just as professional, caring and helpful. Mr. Kleister's paralegal, Lisa, is always there with a smile and a kind word to answer any questions. With all the emotional and daunting decisions to make during a divorce case I am so, glad, for the most important decision, choosing an attorney...I chose Chris Kleister.

  • Review of the Kleister Law Firm

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tom

    Where may be other things Chris could do with his life and excel at, the practice of law certainly seems to be his calling. He has a very quick mind, focused on the important issues that wil bring you to the fairest resolution via the shortest path. He knows the court system, he understands how overburdened they are and does his all to minimize the time it takes to resolve your issues in the fairest way possible, while minimizing the cost it will be to you. A fairer man couldn't be found, nor a more qualified attorney. After years of feeling like a tennis ball inside a dryer, being bounced around with no end in sight, Chris presented my issues to the court in an articulate and compact manor, drawing the court's attention to what we felt were the most egregious concerns, and through his legal skills and his interpersonal abilities, was able to wrap up so many of my long-standing issues very successfully. Winning is about being fair, not destroying your adversary, and his good heart was evident every time we met. So to Chris and his great staff, I thank you.

    Christopher B Kleister’s response: “Thank you for leaving such great feedback!”
  • Attorney review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mimi

    My experience with the Kleister law firm was a very good experience. Mr Kleister assured me that he would work on my behalf and he did. The Kleister Law Group were very professional and they all kept me up to date on my case. There were times when I needed answers to some of my questions and Jenn and Rachel kept me up to date on everything. I would definitely refer the group regarding any kind of issue you may have.

    Christopher B Kleister’s response: “Thank you for taking the time to review our firm.”
  • Chris Kleister, a good man, a good lawyer.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anthony

    Wise, able and honest, his fees are fair. You simply cannot ask for a better lawyer to guard your rights. He has a kind heart, a quick mind, and he understands human nature. His years are yet youthful, but his experience is seasoned, which is to say that he knows the law, and that very little is beyond his practice. When he represents you, he is always well armed in his arguments for your case. He’ll step forth and be an earnest and strong advocate on your behalf. But while a fierce, fiery warrior in court, he can be compassionate, generous, even gentle in your private conferences with him. I could highly recommend Chris Kleister as a first-rate, astute attorney, but by his trustworthy conduct, his ethical uprightness, and his skillful, accomplished professional presence, he recommends himself.

    Christopher B Kleister’s response: “Thank you so much for providing feedback about our firm and for taking the time to write such a positive review.”
  • The most Professional and Compassionate Lawyer you will ever meet

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Karen

    In 2008, my husband decided that he wanted a divorce after 25 years of marriage. He decided that he never loved me and wasted his life on me. As shocked as I was, I knew I had to speak to a Lawyer about protecting myself and my then 19 year old daughter. I had a house with a mortgage and I only was able to secure part-time employment. I had made a few appointments with different lawyers and it was always the same during the free consultation. The first thing that was discussed was the fee and how it had to be paid. They did not care abour how I felt or what I was going through. I finally decided to speak to a Lawyer whose daughter was friends with my daughter during
    High School. Legal Separation/Divorce was not his speciality. However, he knew of a lawyer who handled this type of work and recommended me to Chris. When I had my initial consultation, the main focus of our conversation involved mine and my daughters welfare. He asked alot of questions
    and showed honest concern for my situation. He also explained about pensions, social security benefits and why it would be better for me to have a legal separation in place first before a divorce. I felt very comforable speaking with him and knew he was the right Lawyer to handle my case. Only at the end of the consultation did we discuss his fee, which I might add is extremely reasonable. Thanks to Chris's diligent work on my behalf, I have an Iron Clad Separation Agreement which will turn into a Divorce Decree when the time comes and will protect me for quite some time. I must also add that Chris has the most wonderful staff any Lawyer could ask for. I have asked Jenn numerous
    real estate questions and she always took the time to answer, even if she was in the middle of something and no matter how ridiculous my questions were. I have called Rachael too many times to count, asking questions that she was very skillfull at answering without having to ask Chris. In closing, I have the utmost respect and appreciation for all of you. I do not even want to think what would happen if I had used another Lawyer. Thank you

    Christopher B Kleister’s response: “Thank you for your kind words. They are very appreciated.”
  • Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Bankruptcy client

    Easy to work with. Completed business in a timely and professional manner. His assistant is extremely helpful and understanding. They made me very relaxed and explained everything.

    Christopher B Kleister’s response: “Thank you for taking the time to review our firm and for leaving us such a stellar review.”
  • Chapter 13 Legal Guidance

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Nancy

    Jenn assisted me with each step of the process and thoroughly explained what would happen.
    There were no surprises that caught me off guard. Chris represented me and also handled the court hearing with me. Even after my bankruptcy was final, they continue to answer my questions and provide guidance.

    Christopher B Kleister’s response: “Thank you for taking the time to review our firm and for leaving such positive feedback. We hope that we could help you in any future endeavors as well.”
  • Highly recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    Very professional. A real go getter and fighter, very knowledgeable and takes the time to sit with you to answer all your questions. Also willing to work with you on a payment budget for your retainer. Makes you feel very competent and comfortable when in the courtroom.

    Christopher B Kleister’s response: “Thank you for taking the time to review our firm and for leaving us such great feedback.”
  • i would use them again

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Harold

    my wife and i were happy with the service they provided,we had a chapter7and they were very informative they helped us a whole lot

    Christopher B Kleister’s response: “We are glad to have been of service to you both. Thank you for taking the time to leave such a positive review.”
  • The Kleister Law Group

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Frederica

    When you walk through the doors into Chris Kleister's office for the first time, you will have chosen the best attorney in Orange County. Congratulations! You have made the right decision. Look no further, as it is a decision you will be glad you made. A decision you will never regret. I certainly haven't. After 7 years of multiple cases, both as Plaintiff and Defendant, involving neighbors - easement use - contempt of court, the list goes on, and with Mr. Kleister's expertise and without exception, in each case we succeeded. What an accomplishment!!

    I have used many lawyers for various reasons in Fl, MI, & NJ. All were very good for my needs. Then I found myself in need of a NY attorney within a day's notice. A neighbor recommended Chris Kleister as the lawyer they had been using. That recommendation introduced me to an outstanding attorney. There are many lawyers in Orange County, but Chris Kleister is nonpareil. He is the Best. You will not find another with all the outstanding qualities that Mr. Kleister has to offer in his field of law. He is a phenomenal human being.

    Christopher Kleister makes you feel at ease whatever the reason that brings you into his office. He is kind. He is trustworthy. He is honest. He is understanding. He listens. He is concerned. He is fair. He is up front with you concerning the possible outcome of your case, and up front concerning the estimated cost to you of him handling your case. He is very knowledgeable about the law. He will always have your best interest in mind. He will become as knowledgeable about the facts of your case as you are and will live with it as if it were his own. He is very accommodating with his time and your schedule. He moves quickly on issues. He corresponds quickly. He cares. He believes in you. He does not prolong your case. He will work for you and with you.

    Mr. Kleister has two outstanding paralegals, Rachel Goldstein and Jennifer McCarthy. They are both very busy ladies, but you will always receive a friendly hello whether calling or walking into the office. They will do anything to help you whenever you come calling. They are very knowledgeable. They are very interested in you and your concerns. They are very understanding of your situation.

    Chris, Jennifer and Rachel make up the Kleister Law Group. They are a very cohesive legal trio who always work together as a team.

    Needless to say, I highly recommend The Kleister Law Group.

    Christopher B Kleister’s response: “Thank you for taking the time to review our firm and for leaving such a detailed review to include each and every one of us. You are a pleasure to work with.”