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Robert Lewis Fellows

Robert Fellows’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Hired Attorney

    outstanding from start to finish

    We have just successfully concluded a personal injury action on behalf of my mother who suffered grievous injuries after falling in a depression at a local diner that she used to frequent. Her life was irrevocably changed by these injuries, and she never recovered.
    Before the diner's owner could hide his negligence by filling the depression, Rob sent an investigator who documented the condition.
    The insurance company for the diner mounted a ferocious defense, trying to shift the liability to my sister who accompanied my mother and by engaging the services of physicians who tried to downplay the extent of her injuries or who wrote that they were unrelated to the accident- all of which was untrue.
    Rob handled the case with compassion and skill.
    He kept us informed of the progress, accurately predicted the time frame and likely award, and secured the services of honest and highly regarded experts that debunked the defendants' attempts to avoid liability.
    Finally, he was able to have the case mediated and procured a favorable and fair outcome.
    I would recommend Rob Fellows unconditionally for anyone who needs the services of a personal injury attorney.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Sue Ellen

    Consulted Attorney


    What we want most from a lawyer is honesty and compassion. Robert Lewis Fellows showed me he's compassionate and honest. He went above and beyond to answer my question regarding my mom who has passed. I would highly recommend Mr. Fellows and will definitely call him if I ever need a lawyer.
    Nice to know there is a lawyer with compassion and understanding.
    Thanks for your help Robert Fellows

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Judi

    Terrific experience

    Rob and his staff were extremely responsive, attentive, helpful, and explained everything every step along the way. Whenever I called or needed info I got it within 24 hours. They were also supportive from a compassion perspective and were with me every step of the way.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jahna

    Awesome Attorney!

    I endorse this lawyer. He is a very experienced personal injury attorney with exceptional skill and knowledge. He dedicates himself to every case and will do his very best to secure a favorable outcome for his clients.

    He is trustworthy, hardworking and extremely relaible. He and his staff are always available to answer any quetions or concerns you may have.

    I have and will continue to refer family and friends to Mr. Fellows and his colleagues.

    My daughter is a 22 year old high school teacher. She was injured, by a podiatrist, during a surgical procedure when she was 16 years old. Mr. Fellows agreed to take her case and in doing so he along with an outstanding team of his colleagues and medical experts proceeded to trial and won the case on her behalf.
    Mr. Fellows, not only won the case he exceeded any expectations we had. His level of expertise and professionalism made us feel confident and comfortable from the commencement to the conclusion of her case.
    We had complete access to Mr. Fellows and his colleagues they were always available to answer any questions and concerns we encountered.
    Mr. Fellows is not only a great lawyer he is a great friend. He showed the upmost care and concern in handling this legal matter for me and my family.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Kathy

    Only the Best!!

    I personally would like to give my heartfelt thanks to mr. Fellows and his amazing team for all they have done for me and my family. I felt so blessed to have mr. Fellow's represent me. He is a highly creative thinker and brilliant litigator, and cares deeply for his clients. My injury case was complicated; the outcome far exceeded my expectations, which clearly illustrates mr fellows' level of expertise and knowledge. I would strongly recommend the law firm of mr. Fellows to anyone seeking only the best attorneys to represent them!!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Personal Injury client

    A lawyer and a Mensch!

    Mr. Robert Fellows is a conscientious, diligent and reliable attorney. He was instrumental and successful in resurrecting my case which was neglected by a previous lawyer and in getting a successful resolution and settlement of my case. Above all is a mensch.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Denise

    Very Impressed ! Did a great job for me! Knowledgeable and Professional !!

    I came to Mr. Fellows after a bicycling accident after a motorist ran me off of the road. I have never been involved in a lawsuit. As a result of the accident, I spent almost three days in the ICU. I didn't understand how to protect my rights. I spoke to Mr. Fellows (as well as other lawyers) about my situation. I ultimately selected Mr. Fellows because he struck me as the kind of attorney and advocate that was knowledgeable, trustworthy and prepared to fight to insure that my interests were protected.

    Mr. Fellows was incredibly professional. He demonstrated a deep knowledge of the injuries that I had sustained as well as the potential long term effects resulting from these injuries.

    Mr. Fellows handled my case and got a quick settlement for an amount in excess of my expectations. Without any reservation, I would recommend Mr. Fellows to others as an attorney/advocate for any personal injury case.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Personal Injury client

    Competent and Caring

    Rob and his office staff moved my case efficiently and smoothly, kept me informed, quickly responded to phone calls from me and answered any questions I had, and achieved an excellent result.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Maria

    Impressive Attorney

    Mr. Fellows handled a physical injury lawsuite on my behalf. He was always immediately responsive to my emails, phone calls and concerns. He continually demonstrated professionalism, integrity, and a diligent work ethic in researching and presenting my case. Mr. Fellows calm demeanor,sensitivity and genuine concern in regard to my obtaining a satisfactory resolution to my lawsuite was ever present and most reassuring. He is absolutely wonderful I found him to be a dedicated, relentless advocate on my behalf.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by T.Santiago

    A Man of His Word.

    A Lawyers job is to fight for his client, I didnt want him to fight just be my voice. Rob and the office staff made me feel so comfortable during the most uncomfortable times and made me laugh at others. He is VERY Knowledgeable and when he says something he means it. He wants you to feel relaxed and lay all stress on him, and believe me he will handle it. This lawyer doesnt work a typical 9-5, he will call you and check in at any hour, he never let me feel as if I wasnt forgotten. I thank Rob from the bottom of my heart for all the work he did to get me justice.