Michael A. Koplen

Michael A. Koplen

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We really enjoy representing our clients.  Our clients are by and large  very happy once we complete the bankruptcy process for them.  Their debts are erased, discharged to zero and they can begin with a fresh start.  Bankruptcy is powerful stuff!

About Me 

The Koplen Law Firm is a leading New York State law firm with offices in New York City, at 100 Park Avenue, and in the Hudson Valley area, 14 S. Main Street, New City, across from the New York State Supremehas e Court. 

The Koplen Law Firm is one of the leading bankruptcy law firms in New York State, and the predominant bankruptcy law firm in the Hudson River Valley. 

 The Koplen Law Firm practices in all State and Federal Courts and in addition to its bankruptcy practice, represents clients in criminal proceedings, including DWI, and Family Law, including divorce and child custody proceedings. 

Founder Michael A. Koplen is a highly respected attorney, a former member of the Legislature, Deputy Mayor, Civil Court Arbitrator, author, speaker, and professor of  law.  He is the founder and President of the Washington Online Learning Institute, a nationally recognized and highly accredited paralegal college.

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