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No Justice

Posted by: a Landlord & Tenant client over 1 year ago.

Overall rating

I do not recommend Hal Weiner

I hired Hal more than 3 years ago.

Hal handled my Landlord / Tenant matter.

I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers.

Uses his knowledge of the Law to Abuse and Harass Innocent people. Very unprofessional, Corrupt, and when he doesn't get his way he resorts to Cursing, name calling and outright Harassment, even in the Court in front of the Judge and nothing is done about his conduct. File falsified complaint against Tenant to have them Held in Contempt because he could not find a legitimate reason to have them Evicted. Retaliates when he does not accomplish Invalid Eviction attempts. Has very questionable relationship with seven Judges and is able to have them give Rulings in his favor, despite irrefutable evidence being provided that he is a professional habitual prevaricator. He should have his license revoked and imprisoned for Violating the Rights of people and operating outside of the Law. He represents a Company that removed the Fire Escapes from a building this year that housed over 200 families.