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Montgomery J. Delaney

About Montgomery Delaney

About me

Mine has been a life of service which has included doing my duty as both a United States Marine and a New York City Police Officer. I have already raised three very fine young adults, Matthew, Jacklyn and Brian and have two beautiful  new infants, Conor and Cecille at home! I had previously spent several wonderful years teaching and coaching at Salesian High School in New Rochelle, NY and several more traveling the country as a performing songwriter. I have served as an adjunct professor at several colleges,  where I have taught paralegal studies, civil law and criminal law. In my life I have been blessed to dedicate myself to the service of my country and my my community. These days, I am dedicated to the service of my clients, most of whom have been very seriously injured or have had criminal charges against them. While I can never repair an injured body  or soul, I can, and I have,  secured for my clients the highest measure of justice the law will allow. I take our mission and our responsibility very seriously. I carefully select our cases and our clients so as to maximize the individual care I personally give to each case. I am a trial attorney and will approach your case with the mindset of properly preparing it for a jury to hear. Over the years, I have become convinced that this is the ONLY way to get the insurance industry to take cases seriously. I will not ever settle a case for anything less than both what I, and my client, after careful consideration, think is fair and equitable. Period! I was recently nominated to run for the NYS Supreme Court, losing a very close election. It was an honor to be asked!

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