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Nancy D. Kellman

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  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Worst lawyer ever.

    She came highly recommended by well known lawyer and when she took my case acted very touch with me in my presence but never in her negotiating to honor the prenup I had. I only wanted to honor a prenup I had and she wanted me to give something back to my ex husbsnd whose money had doubled during our marriage. She agreed to give back things before asking me and he would later think i renegged when I never agreed to them in the first place. I was fired from my job because my husband owned the company and also did something with my 401k that I didn't understand and no matter what he did or how he bullied me she made me more afraid. She lied to me about him threatening to have the divorce in another state saying if I didn't give certain things Back that. Y prenup clearly said were mine, I would have to get divorced in the other state where it be worse for. I found out later she was never told that ny the lawyer in the other state. She made me very afraid of my ex husband worse than I already was. She also told me not to collect unemployment after I was fired and had no interim support. She told me to get a loan. I believed her and didn't collect after working for the company for many years. Ahe needed answered me why I should collect and get a loan instead. She also had me meet with a money manager to make me feel better and that I could get by living the same lifestyle with the settlement I was getting when this was totally not true either. Also the money he was taking half of the income I would be getting Whatever my ex was being unreasonable about she told me to sign the document anyway even though she wasn't comfortable with it. Once my ex paid her her retainer and she was up against his five high powered lawyers she caved completely on everything. She made a terrible time worse and really didn't stick up forming thing. Didn't argue one thing and didn't even try. She finally backed out of my case after she made a complete mess of it. I thought I was having a breakdown and didn't know if I was coming or going and had to have a different lawyer take over in the end and by that time I was too emotionally exhausted and on medication. So I let the other lawyer just make a few small changes. Thank God. I believe I would have had future legal problems from my ex because he would not have honored the revised agreement and I would have had more legal troubles trying to enforce that as well because she wasn't getting him to agree and honor the first agreement By the way she seemed to be away a lot and either at conferences or at trial. She. Ade me feel like she was too busy and just wants to get it over with and. To real,y. Worrying about my best interests.

  • 4.0 stars

    Posted by LH52014

    Wisdom and guidance made all the difference.

    Nancy and team guided me effectively through unfamiliar territory. Nancy's approach was refreshing after interviewing two other aggressive divorce attorneys who had styles unlike my own. Nancy and I created an immediate working relationship and I had confidence I had a partner in my corner. She would stick to facts, provide me options/choices and work with me in patient and respectful ways to find a timely resolution for my family. I felt she acted in my best interest.
    She is a confident, credible, polished professional with extensive experience and knowledge in matrimonial law and a skilled negotiator. She and the team worked many hours on my matter.
    She is smart, honest, fair and direct in communications. There were no surprises during my time working with Nancy and her team.
    Nancy was masterful and articulate in the courtroom and focused on every word and detail in my agreement to protect the long term interest of my children.
    I am grateful to have worked with her and would recommend her to others.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Exceptional representation

    I used Nancy for a collaborative divorce a few years ago and she was an excellent, highly experienced lawyer who handled my case with competency and compassion. I was very pleased with my outcome. I have needed to contact her post divorce for a few issues and she has continued to help me as needed. I would definitely recommend Nancy to anyone who needs a good lawyer in a divorce.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Disappointing given reputation

    I was referred to Nancy by a friend as being an exceptional divorce lawyer. While she may be good in as a courtroom lawyer, she was highly disappointing to me as a negotiator and advocate. My perception after the fact is that Nancy is not good at thinking strategically. I asked her several times to give me the best and worst case scenario in my divorce so we could plan from that perspective. She never gave me a clear answer. She was also very unresponsive at times. For instance, I wrote a draft of an email I was going to send my wife about issues we were disagreeing over and sent it to Nancy to review and she replied that she would not be able to review it for at least four or five days because she was attending the NY State Bar Association meeting for Matrimonial lawyers. There were other times when she was virtually unavailable for an entire month because of other client commitments. Towards the end I felt that she was more interested in getting the case done than getting me the best deal. We had a meeting towards the end to go over 15 items that that the lawyers were supposed to have discussed and come to a tentative recommendation on. During the meeting we went out of the room and Nancy told me not to waste money on each of these issues. I said that was fine but I needed to know how what the recommendations were going to be on the outstanding issues so I could pick out the ones most important to me.. She said she did not remember what the recommendations were going to be. I felt that her tendency, esp. at the end, was to cut the baby in half but that only encouraged the other side to make larger demands so that half would be larger. But as a result of this, there were aspects of the settlement that played out in ways that I never anticipated and which I am sure that Nancy did not consider as well. I did not bother to go back to her at that point because if I am going to reopen my case, I will do it with another lawyer.
    I understand that Nancy has seen this review and intends to write a reply. When I started off on the road to divorce I really did not know what I was in for. I had heard that all divorce lawyers were horrible. I don’t think Nancy is dishonest and I suspect that in the Courtroom she shines. But I think in the context of negotiating a complicated settlement that I would have been better served by another lawyer.