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John M. Cromwell

About John Cromwell

About me


When you hire me, you will be getting an experienced New York City criminal defense trial lawyer, who cares about you, and who will always treat you with dignity and respect. I am dedicated to serving clients in the Bronx and the surrounding areas and always strive to give my clients the best legal representation I can offer.

I was born and raised in the Bronx and have dedicated my entire professional career of 24 years to defending people accused of crimes.


In that time, I have handled thousands of criminal cases from murder charges to traffic tickets. If it means sticking up for your rights by aggressively confronting a prosecutor, a cop, a witness, or even a judge in a courtroom, I have done that. If it takes quiet negotiation to resolve your case favorably, I have done that, too. Whatever the unique facts your situation calls for, you and I are partners with the same goal: to help you through this difficult time as quickly and as painlessly as possible so you can get back to your life with your family, your job, and your community.


I will always have time to promptly respond to your phone calls, to sit down with you in the privacy of my office or in a private conference room at court, to listen to you, and to answer your questions in terms you can understand. I love to discuss problems, to teach, and to explain; to connect, to communicate, and to advocate. That's one reason I knew I wanted to be a trial lawyer. But I also take great pride in being a good listener. It's a lot harder to listen than to talk.


Many lawyers are good talkers, and talking is certainly important. But I've learned over the years that a really good lawyer also knows how to listen: to witnesses testifying in trials, to prosecutors and judges, and most importantly, to clients.


Listening takes time. Listening takes patience. Listening takes practice. I will always take the time to really listen to you, to be there for you when you need me, to promptly return your calls, answer your questions, and carefully explain your options in terms you can understand.


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