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Rex Michael Pietrobono

About Rex Pietrobono

About me

Selecting the most qualified attorney is the first step in successfully defending your speeding ticket or DWI case.   Practicing throughout New York since 1990, Rex has managed to create a successful community practice with a regional presence and a statewide reputation for results.   His firm works with highly qualified associated counsel throughout the rest of the state when needed. 


His passionate committment to getting the best results possible in each case is the cornerstone to his ability to consistently deliver superior results to his many clients.


As a former town prosecutor of over 2,500 traffic cases and defense counsel for even more, his experience is the basis for his commitment to providing his clients accused of criminal and traffic offenses with exceptional quality in a supportive environment!


His focus, cutting edge office research technology, and his competitive nature, enables Rex to deliver outstanding results (see Testimonials at



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