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Howard Lefkowitz’s client reviews

     3.0 stars 3 total

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  • Napolean complex, bullying tactics,loud, and agressive.

    3.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    This attorney came highly recommended to me .

    Initially I felt confident, although overwhelmed by his fee's, which are higher than average for his area of expertise, but within the high end of acceptable.

    Mr Lefkowitz gets to work quickly, and is assertive, initially impressive.

    Once your knee deep in your legal matter, and stressed by your dilemma you will find his billing which he is very aggressive with is his true priority, and his performance is linked to your paying him large sums of money at a rate most attorneys don't expect. (I checked with several.)

    This attorney is loud, and aggressive in court, and can be intimidating. He does know the law, and if he doesn't he researches .
    This loud yelling , and aggressive , and insulting behavior will also be directed at you if your not sending him checks in the "timely" manner he expects. Which is absurd.

    The man has a true bullying demeanor, and he can have you more upset than the original law suit which brought you to his office.
    I have had clients sitting in my office when he telephoned ; they could hear him through the phone yelling, and insulting.

    You may be thinking that the fees were not being paid, however more than half his fees had been paid, and yet the yelling and insults ,and demeaning conversations persisted.

    He has no problem insulting you, treating you poorly, and can be absolutely verbally abusive.

    I contacted several high power NYC attorneys, discussed this billing as well as the amount paid , and the demeanor of this attorney, not one of these far more successful attorneys felt that the amount paid was inappropriate or lacking, nor deserving of the abuse.

    I would not refer this attorney to anyone He is loud ,abusive and a narcissistic .
    In a court room this can be unattractive to the judge, and may work against you.

    My advice is seek another attorney.

  • Partition Action

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sam

    We were lead plaintiffs in a partition action. He acted as our lawyer through the twists and turns of getting the house sold at auction. He was extremely knowledgeable and always let us know what was happening & why.

  • Not worth his billing rate.

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    One of the worst legal experiences I have ever had with an attorney. He was not knowledgeable about the case law in my particular area and spent the entire retainer in one sitting wriitng just one paper. He thereafter billed approximately $3000 a month only for answering emails and phone calls but not for actual motions or for protecting his client. At the end of it all, he left me in a huge disadvantage in my case where I, at the beginning had the strategic and legal advantage.
    A completely ineffective attorney who will leave you in the lurch.