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Steven Howard Goldman

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI client

    Steven H. Goldman saved my life by Tony P.

    Though I have a good wife and a good job as a union carpenter, I went through a very bad stretch about two years ago when I was drinking too much. I ended up getting arrested and charged with DWI on four separate occasions. All of the cases were felonies. The DA was insisting on upstate time. I really thought my life - my job, my marriage - was over. I had no idea where to turn.
    I hired Steven Goldman to represent me. He fought for me from the very start. He patiently explained all the options to me, and told me what he thought was the best option for me to avoid jail. He said avoiding jail wouldn’t be easy, or even certain, but he told me what I needed to do to give myself the best chance of avoiding jail. He supported me through what was a long, difficult, and frankly scary process. Mr. Goldman encouraged me to get supportive letters from friends, co-workers and family. He also convinced me to enter and complete an alcohol program. Though the DA was insisting that I be sentenced to prison, and though the judge initially agreed with the DA, Mr. Goldman ultimately convinced the judge to take a chance on me and instead offer me probation.
    Thanks to Mr. Goldman I didn’t go to prison. Instead, I still have my job and my marriage. He literally saved my life. If you’ve made mistakes and need a truly excellent lawyer who can give you back your life, as far as I’m concerned Steven Goldman is the only choice.