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Carlos Gonzalez

Carlos Gonzalez’s Legal Guides

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  • Is there enough evidence to arrest me?

    Complaint In order for NYPD to effectuate an arrest all that is needed is a complaint alleging a crime, this may be wholly based on circumstantial evidence - meaning there is no physical evidence out

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  • Can they garnnish my wages?

    default judgment in order to clarify a default judgment you must file an order to show cause asking the court to reopen the case... the court will want to know why you failed to show up the first tim

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  • How to repair your credit?

    get a copy of your credit report. there are many services online which provide free copies of your report, use them and get a free hard copy. check for errors. if there are ANY errors what so ever, n

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  • What is an arraignment?

    to bail or not to bail? Bail is when the court permits you to be released but only after paying an amount of money to ensure that you will show up for your future appearances, once your case is done

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  • Complaining witnesses

    the complaint. the initial contact the complaining witness will have with the authorities is on filing the complaint with the Police. Corroborating statement generally all complaining witnesses must

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  • Under Federal Investigation?

    When an individual is under FEDERAL INVESTIGATION there are very specific steps that should be followed in order to protect that person. The most important policy is HONESTY, as your potential att

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