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Barbie Dawn Lieber

Barbie Lieber’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Delia Castellanos

    Hired Attorney

    Best and Honest Attorney

    Wow did Barbie help me out!
    I had some personal reasons that got me into financial trouble and did not how to handle the strees of being harassed by creditors, I felt guilty and terrible at what my life become. After my first visit with Barbie I was granted a fresh start on life .
    Thank you Barbie for have being an Honest and very efficient Lawyer.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by kehlvin

    One of the most important phone calls I've ever made...

    My 20's were a turbulent time and I made many bad decisions; one of those decisions was neglecting to pay my student loan. A $28,000 judgement was filed against me and my elderly mother, who co-signed the loan. Wage garnishment letters were being sent to my employer and I feared my bank account would be frozen. Not knowing where to turn and unable to come up with the money to pay the judgement, I was finally desperate enough to confront the issue. I spoke with several lawyers who spoke fast and asked for large retainers up front. Not comfortable with the consultations I had received up to that point, I read the reviews for Barbie on this site and decided to give her a call. I was nervous and did not know what to expect but her personality and professionalism put me at ease. Rather than try to bedazzle me with legalese or stories of being golfing buddies with my creditors, she offered clear explanations and pragmatic solutions that worked within my current financial parameters.

    After discussing various options, Barbie was able to negotiate a settlement for less than one-third of what I owed and I was able to save up and borrow enough to pay the settlement. I can not describe the sense of relief that I felt when I sent the final payment or imagine trying to settle this debt without a lawyer as adept as her. I am now on the way to financial "recovery" am grateful to Barbie for her help.

    To anyone reading this who feels like there's no way out from underneath the burden of their debt, pick up the phone and give yourself a chance. The problem won't go away on its own and you don't have to face it alone. Finding a good lawyer that will fight for you is a great first step and Barbie is an exceptional candidate. Give her a call.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by AC

    In financial trouble? Don't even think about considering another attorney!!!

    If you are in need of expert legal financial assistance, do not go any further!! Aside from being a very comforting person for the client to communicate with , on the legal end she is an extremely proficient attorney, sharp as a tack, a firm, tough negotiator and tireless worker. Once retained, Ms. Lieber kept me apprised constantly as to the status of my action and obtained a settlement in a few days that I am still amazed she was able to achieve. Take my advise, if you want expert legal representation, confident that your best interests are being considered at all times, Ms. Lieber is the attorney to use.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Barbie Lieber saved my financial life!

    After receiving a notice of garnishment, I realized that I had to do something. I saw an Avvo commercial and posted my situation. Five attorneys responded within 15 minutes. Once I read Barbie Lieber’s response, I was sold. She spent over an hour on the phone with me and I felt very comfortable.
    I was drowning in debt and paying over $2,000 per month in credit card debt. I couldn’t put aside my quarterly taxes, therefore, sinking me further in debt. Barbie advised me to file ASAP and thank GOD I did. Two days later my bank account was frozen. However, since I filed before hand they had to release my funds.
    Now I’m in a chapter 13 plan for at least 60 percent LESS than what creditors were demanding. Until the bankruptcy, I risked falling behind on my mortgage, etc. Barbie Lieber surpassed my expectations and saved my family and me from financial ruin. I would highly refer her to anyone in need.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Shilan

    One of the best!

    She really worked with me and prepared me for the meeting with the trustee. She even had to help out one of the attorneys that came unprepared to their meeting with the trustee. Some attorneys failed to fill out the bankruptcy petition and schedules properly, provide the documents to the trustee ahead of time and properly prepare their clients for the hearing. She knows what she is doing and I would recommend her to anyone. So glad that I contacted her!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Dan

    Personal Attention

    Picked from scanning possibilities on the internet for a solution to my debt problem, I chose to call Barbie Lieber. I have had matters with many attorneys, for very specific matters, over my lifetime. I have never been as satisfied by the attention to detail given to my problem, as I have been with by Barbie Lieber filing under chapter 7 on my behalf.

    To others out there with a similar problem: First phone call with Ms. Lieber; all of the details to questions as to wheter you are a client deserving of a fresh start, or not, start here. Then I was told what I was expected to do in supplying up-to-date, honest, and accurate information for her to work with. Organize it! And when you do, and she receives it, it will be dealt with ASAP.

    Don't compare her reasonable fees with anybody else. This is old school: If you do your job as a good client, all calls and emails are returned promptly. Ms. Lieber personally, not someone that represents her, is there with you in court...on one of the most humbling days that you will ever have.

    Work with a real attorney, be a good client; accept no substitutes.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Oleana

    My mother's Lawyer, became my Lawyer. Just Amazing!!!!

    Barbie Lieber was the bankrupty Lawyer working on my mother's case. She was fanastic. She helped my mom get rid of 2 out to 3 mortgages. She helped my mom consolidate her debt. She calls you the night before your hearing and goes over your information. She is very thorough. And sweet and Knowledgable of the process and the required steps to take during and after bankruptcy period. After her diligently working with my mom to save her house from forclosure and put her financial issues back in order, I realised then maybe one day I might need her. So, that was 2009, now we in 2015, 6 years later. I'm married with two children and work part-time. Struggle with my finances and my husband as well was at a stand still with his debt. So that's when I remembered, Barbie lieber the woman who helped my mom get back on track with her finances. Sooo, I called her up and she remembered me right away, your Sylvia's Daughter.... She said when I called her and reminded what she had done for my mom. She then helped me and my husband file Bankrupty. She was real, and on point. She made it her business to get all the information needed to get us back on track. She was a blessing. She cares about her clients. She encourages good spending and budgeting habits. She advice for everything when it comes finances.And she puts you on the right path. I thank her soo much for helping me and my husband become debt free. Thank you, Mrs. Lieber!!! You rock.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by gmdiaz80s

    One of the best exeriences I've had with an attorney

    Barbie is one heck of a lawyer. Trustworthy, responsive, knowledgeable and on top of her game. My only issue is not being able to rate her higher than 5 stars. Stop searching, you just found the bankruptcy lawyer you need

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Christine

    Realistically Brillant

    I have to say, to write this review I was rather stumped.. Only because what does one possibly say about an attorney like Barbie Dawn Lieber; Rhetorical.... When there is nothing else to add to the outstanding work/service she provided for me, when everyone else for the most part feels the same way. I don't want to sound mundane, it seems everyone pretty much that has been represented by her has nothing but postive things to say, myself included. I have to add that never once in my life that I thought I would have to take this path, unfortunately I did, but furtunately thanks to someone highly reccommending her to me.. Life doesn't seem so bleak. Bairbie is all the way hands on, and from the moment you first speak with her should it be deciding to take this path, you learn things aren't as bad. She reviewed my case and thank God preventing me from making a terrible mistake. I had considered shortsales, but was given bad advice, but once I made Barbie aware of my circumstances, she redirected me to a better option. She had me research as well to see for myself, She is realistic, practical and on point with her material. I swear she was born into her firm, because she knows her stuff. No nonsense, quick and sharp. Even though she reassured me many times that things will be alright, I still was uncertain, but I blame that on the shiesty dealings of other attorneys I had dealt with when I was considering the shortsale of my home prior to hiring Barbie. I'm not inflating her workmanship, I'm telling you, I filed the Bankcruptsy with her representing me, and I feel like a new person with a fresh start. She didn't take advantage of me, she didn't sell me any pipe dreams, and she laid everything out to me black and white. I'm confident, should you require services in deciding whether to file a Bankcruptsy case, Barbie Dawn Lieber is your woman. She was kind, compassionate, quick, very knowledgeable, and very hands on. If you seek professional, and legal help in resolving matters in determining being financially stuck in your property, and you feel you have no way out because you are unable to afford your property, call her. I promise you, you will be 100% satisfied, I know I was.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Josephine

    Best Ever

    What can I say, I was at my worst point and thanks to Barbie I now have a fresh start, a new lease on life.
    She 's honest, upfront and genuine. She helped me tremendously, basically lifted the weight of the world
    off of my shoulders. Barbie, thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are the greatest! Jo