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From my background, you had to become a professional. If you didn't become a professional, you disappointed everyone around you. And although I enjoy medicine, I just didn't see myself as a doctor. I saw myself more as a fighter, a lawyer.
When I first got out of law school I started to do tax work, which was behind the desk stuff. And that job did not work out. It didn't work out because I wasn't suited for it. I had the requirements to become a lawyer...
Well the first thing it does is that, as a New York Construction Accident lawyer you don't have to read a book about how and what they're going through. You're there. You've lived it. It was the very core of my life. I remember it.
I chose what I chose, to be a New York construction accident lawyer, for a reason. Construction has always interested me. I love mechanics, I'm very mechanical.
You know, as a New York construction accident lawyer, one of the things I even tell a jury sometimes is, you know, H.G. Wells and that time machine, they never invented it. So you cant go back. I cant go back and make what happened to my client go away.
I represented a gentleman who got injured on a construction site and throughout the case there were constant phone calls from this man. He did not know what to do.
As a lawyer who's handled medical malpractice and negligence court cases in New York, you learn one thing very quickly. Unfortunately in this country, the practice of medicine has become a business...
As a New York construction accident lawyer, I know that you can get injured a hundred different ways on a construction site. But one of the most common ways are people who fall off ladders and scaffolds. And there's a whole body of law...
There are different ways that New York lawyers assess the value of a personal injury legal settlement case. There are appellate decisions that determine what the value of a case is.
If you're a New York City personal injury lawyer, as I am, you represent clients when they come to you. But there's something that goes on behind the scenes, and its just as important as winning a given clients case.
As a personal injury lawyer who handles trip and fall and slip and fall injury settlements in New York, one particular case comes to mind.
As I was saying, the beginning of it was, I was a Holocaust survivors kid. And Holocaust survivors are tough. They're the people who made it. And my father was one very tough guy. He was also brilliant at what he did. And I learned at an early age...
Working as a personal injury attorney in NY, You know they've been wronged, whether its a construction accident, a medical malpractice case, somebody who falls in a building, all types of accidents.
If theres one way that I as a New York Constructions Accident Lawyer have been able to learn what my value is as a lawyer, is when people have come to me who already have New York City construction accident lawyers.
Every time, ultimately when a client with construction related injuries comes to you, they want the best result they can get in a New York construction injury attorney. They're going to get the best result one of two ways.
David Perecman, one of the top New York personal injury lawyers represents a client suffering, whether it was from a construction accident, a medical malpractice case, somebody falling in a building, and many other types of personal injury accidents.

About Me 

Who I Am:
I'm a New York City Personal Injury Lawyer & Construction Accident Attorney & we trial lawyers love the battle, at least we should...I've been lucky enough to be recognized for my trial and appeal skills and results by The Best Lawyers in America, Super Lawyers, National Law Journal's Hall of Fame, The Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Law Dragon and Avvo superb rated.

The fact that I have been able to change the lives of injured accident victims when they needed it the most, is perhaps my greatest source of pride. There is nothing quite like the smile on one of my New York injured client's faces or the hug from a construction worker, who fell from a ladder or a scaffold, when its all said and done, whether at the end of a trial or when you give them their check.

I've been and continue to be selected to lecture about construction accident law by the New York State Trial Lawyers Association and Continue as the Chair of its Labor Law Committee, committed to keeping the laws that protect workers strong.

Who I Help:
Whether the client was a victim of medical malpractice, auto accident, truck accident, fall down in a building or on the sidewalk or a victim of police brutality, excessive force or other civil rights violation or hurt from a bad drug they are all deserving of justice and I love to dispense justice.

How I Help:
Over 30 years of trials and appellate arguments have resulted in dozens of multi-million dollar results for my clients many of which have been listed in The New York Law Journal's Top Verdicts in New York.

What makes me and my firm different is that I understand that my clients come first, first all the time. I know my clients are seriously injured and need and want to be treated like I would want to be treated. What my clients only learn at the end is that we achieve great results in cases where that seems difficult or even unlikely. We don't settle because it's easier.

If you have any questions give me a call at 212-977-7033

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