I highly recommend Scott Orgel as a Divorce Attorney in New York City. On the day that Scott returned my inquiry call, I had spoken to 5 or 6 lawyers who were all very aggressive and slightly bossy. Each lawyer began spouting off to me their list of credentials and all the horror stories of things that my ex could possibly do to me *if I didn't hire them immediately to "protect myself." Not one person said they were sorry for my pain, or understood what I was going through. One lawyer, a top-notch "bully" in Brooklyn even suggested that I tell my ex I was pregnant in order to get him to pay up. I was disgusted and insulted that someone would advise me to do such a thing, in order to get a higher payout. I was riled up with anxiety, and fear that this process was going to be way over my head.

My husband and I were married for 2 years and had agreed to end things civilly out of court. It was important to remain amicable during the process and to refrain from high-drama. I was simply looking for someone to explain my rights to me, and get me my fair share of the assets. When Scott called, I immediately knew he was the attorney for me. Scott's mannerisms and tone were clear, compassionate, and level-headed. His voice was calm and he even expressed that he understood how difficult this time was for me. I expressed that it felt awful to have to have my husband "served with papers." Scott, said I didn't have to do that, and that he would serve the papers to my husbands attorney to avoid humiliating him. That was very touching to hear. Finally, I felt I was talking to someone who understood how I wanted to handle things. I made an appointment with Scott right away, and cancelled all the others.

The consultation was at a reasonable price and so was the retainer. Within 10 minutes of meeting Mr. Orgel, I hired him. He was just as he was over the phone; calm, cool, collected and trustworthy. He put me at ease and explained that my case was easy, and that there was no need to create extra drama or play games. Boom! Done! Hired! That's all it takes people… someone with a brain who knows the law and who isn't going to be a dirt bag.

In the end, I was very impressed with Scott's knowledge of the law and how fast he got my settlement. I received my settlement and separation agreement in 30 days after I filed for divorce! I admit there were times when I didn't want to listen to Scott's advice because I thought my ideas were better, but in the end, I had to trust that he had my best interest at heart-and he did. I am very thankful that I hired Scott for my divorce and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants straight answers, no games, and doesn't want to waste time.