I've had a car accident in April 2007. He didn't explain the process to me. Never kept me up to date. And then -fought- with me when I complained. I was out of a job, going thru a divorce and pregnancy. I had no income, and he couldn't care less about tracking my lost wages. I had to call the insurance comany myself to get things moving even though they only deal with lawyers.

Greenstein put me down verbally several times. As a person who does not like confrontation, I let it go each time. He felt it was open house and basically treated me like an idiot since I never responded to his put downs. I finally answered him back and told him what a pathetic job he had been doing.

And as a topping, I had sent my info to another lawyer requesting his representation. Greenstein pulled his client right under his nose. I only found out later that he did this. I thought they were together.

It is now August 2008, I miscarried, went broke, couldn't pay bills, am up to my nose in bills and medical fees and still have not had a word on a settlement.

When I call, they (Milbauer and Greenstein) get annoyed at my asking for an update. Although they say they will help with your damaged car, they never do! My car has not been looked at once since the accident.

Don't waste your time with these guys. Their too busy to deal with the little folks.