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John M. Crane

John Crane’s client reviews

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  • Available round the clock and an absolute joy to work with!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Pratiksha

    My sister and I are first-time home owners but John made the whole process so smooth that it felt like it was our 10th or 11th purchase. He guided us every step of the way keeping us well-informed. He is available via text/email round the clock and he responds to your questions right away. Not only did he help us with the closing, he also gave us great recommendations on home insurance, mortgage loans, and everything that we needed to secure our home. I would highly recommend John M. Crane for all real-estate related issues. We look forward to working with him again in the future. He is definitely your guy if you want a highly organized, detail-oriented and above all friendly and approachable attorney to represent you. He will make you feel like your case is his number one priority with no delay in his dealings. It was a great pleasure working with you, John.

  • He delivers above and beyond

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Pam

    I was buying a commercial property and John caught the fact there was an open permit for a laundromat that had been operating for over 12 years. I was going to close but John insisted the seller close out the permit. Over 4 months later, the Seller got all approvals at a cost of almost $20,000. John is the real deal and I saved many times what his legal fee was! He has all my business.

  • Sold my condo without even being in the USA

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lenny

    What can I say but positively amazing? He sent the contracts out within 2 hours of my selecting him. I was in Asia and gave him Power of Attorney. I was kept informed. His office staff is also tremendous. Two days before the closing I received an email detailing the financial adjustments and clearly itemizing the expenses and profits I could expect. Within 24 hours of the closing, my account received a bank wire for the full amount and a few days later I received an international package with copies of all documents for my records in a binder. This wasn't just a legal service, this was customer service the way it should be. One of John's clients already called him the Bloomingdale's of Bankruptcy, but his customer service is honestly even better than that! A heart felt thanks and while John is not a discount lawyer, his service shows that sometimes you really do get what you pay for!

  • Outstanding from start to finish

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Camille

    I read John's reviews and was shocked when I called his office and his assistant told me to hold on. Within a minute, John picked up the phone. I told him I was selling my coop and needed to do things quick because I would be leaving the country. With a bit of humor, he said "why does that worry you" and suggested closing by power of attorney.

    When John sent me the contracts to sign, he also enclosed a power of attorney. It could not have been simpler. John and his staff handled everything from start to finish, and I received an email after the closing indicating that a wire had been sent to me in the Middle East for almost 2 Million Dollars.

    Trustworthy, on top of things, and a pleasure to work with. I cannot describe how simple it is to work with John and his staff.

  • Two Real Estate Transactions and I Could not Imagine anything John could have done better

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Judy

    I used John Crane as my attorney when I sold my home. My accountant had told me before I ever contacted John that I could not do a 1031 exchange. Within the first five seconds of speaking with John for the first time, he assured me that my accountant was wrong and set up a conference call with the Qualified Intermediary who confirmed the fact that I was eligible to do the 1031 exchange.

    Although the sale of my home involved evicting a holdover tenant, and a buyer that had financing issues, John handled everything with calm and a sense of humor. He was able to respond to any question I had promptly. John had a way of explaining things that made me stay calm and minimized my stress. My closing was an absolute breeze. John was thoroughly prepared and explained everything to me so that I was aware of how this transaction would impact my 1031 exchange.

    Naturally, I used John for the purchase of my new Manhattan condo as well. Despite his busy schedule, he was able to promptly review all of the condominium documents, the contract of sale and even prepare a rider modifying certain terms so that they were more favorable to me. When it came time for me to sign the contracts, John was busy that day and in order not to stall the process, went above and beyond in enabling me to sign the contracts and return them with the down payment so that my bank could expedite the loan application.

    In fact the best way to describe it is to quote what I wrote to John in an e-mail, "I am very impressed with your flexibility in making things work despite your schedule. You don't stop the flow in the process. You find solutions to overcome obstacles together with a relaxed approach that it makes difficult situations seem easy when in reality it is very difficult."

    I am very happy with every contact I have had with John and his staff. I could not imagine anything they could have done to make either transaction smoother.

  • Concierge Service For Those Who Want Expert Advice and No Hassles

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Gabriel

    There is nothing I can say that will do justice to what John Crane actually does for a client. I was selling my condo in Manhattan and within 30 minutes of my Realtor sending John and I an email introducing each other, John personally called to introduce himself. Within the next hour, John sent out an email to the buyer's attorney with the Contract of Sale already prepared and attached. The buyer's attorney returned the contracts on a Monday and John had called me the same morning to say he had them.

    I was leaving for Europe that afternoon for two months and could not get into Manhattan to meet John. I live in New Rochelle and was worried that the deal would die if I did not sign. John stated that he put in a clause that permitted signing by electronic signatures and that he could prepare a Power of Attorney for me to sign as well for the closing, but that he needed the original. I told him that I had a notary in my family and could get the document notarized right away.

    John explained he had another closing that afternoon in Bronx and that he would come by my home and pick up the original documents. I explained I had to leave by 2 pm and could not wait. This was at 11am. By 12:30, a man in a suit was walking up my driveway. John Crane had took the train to his home, picked up his car and drove from NYC to Westchester in order to pick up my contract and power of attorney.

    While this might be personal service, over the next two months, John went even further. He was able to get my payoff letter even though I wasn't there to speak to the lender and I was updated by email so that I felt fully informed. After the closing, John emailed to tell me it was over and I explained that I would be returning in two weeks. John offered to wire the money into my bank account and within a few hours, I had all of the money I had been expecting without any of the stress of attending a closing.

    His post closing work was even more superb. I received a binder with copies of all documents, organized and tabbed so that the entire closing was perfectly understandable even though I was not there. I have recommended two family members to John and while there deals are still ongoing, they are equally impressed.

    I have used litigation attorneys, estate attorneys, corporate attorneys, and real estate attorneys. John really delivers customer service at a level that surpasses your wildest expectations. Add to that the fact that he has a vast amount of NYC real estate experience and you have one tremendous attorney!

  • Professionalism by your side from start to finish

    5.0 stars

    Posted by NZ

    John Crane was the first lawyer I contacted regarding bankruptcy and 5 minutes into the conversation, I knew he'd be my last. Living on a disability budget in NY during today's economic times is tough. My medical and living expenses spiraled out of control and I ended up 40K in debt having to use my credit cards for basic necessities just to live. I soon found myself unable to even make the minimum payments regardless of my attempts at transferring balances to other cards with low interest rates. John Crane was thorough in explaining the process of bankruptcy and patient through my anxieties. He speaks to you without a superior attitude and keeps himself educated on the current bankruptcy laws. He was very compassionate and understanding of my problems and assured me that there was hope. My monies are still limited but I am able to budget better without the stress of credit card debt. Having to file for bankruptcy is stressful in itself but having John Crane as my lawyer made it an easier process to deal with.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ken

    I referred John Crane to a dear friend for a closing and he was extremely knowledgeable and responsive throughout the entire process. I believe he's handled more than 2000+ closings and even taught on the topic! Because he is trustworthy and instructive and very personable, I will continue to refer John to anyone for anything and without reservation, recommend his services!

  • Big Thanks to John

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Robert

    I lost my job during recession time. I had lots of pending bills, house EMIs, car loans etc. I was in huge stress and so the medical bills were reaching sky heights. Finally I decided to file for bankruptcy. I was very ashamed and couldn’t believe I am going to do this. But I had no choice. With lots of hesitation I walked in to John’s office. Unlike other big firms, very soon I was able to directly meet John. He asked me minimal questions and to my surprise he understood the whole situation really well. Of course the experience gives that edge to you. Then he discussed the other options I can think about other than bankruptcy. But finally we decided to go with bankruptcy. He made the process really smooth. Now I have a free mind, I can start thinking about restarting my career.

  • John suggested me to file my bankruptcy case under chapter 13

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ryan Brain

    My EMI outgo was very high and I was on the verge of losing my house. I consulted attorney John to discuss my problem and possibility of filing for bankruptcy. John suggested me to file my bankruptcy case under chapter 13 where I could get a restructured repayment plan. I filed for the bankruptcy under chapter 13 and with help of John I got a revised repayment plan which was manageable for me. Four years after filing for bankruptcy, my life is back on track with some solid financial plan for future of myself and my family. Attorney John is the biggest contributor in this turnaround.