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Natraj S Bhushan

Natraj Bhushan’s Answers

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  • How long is the processing for uncontested divorce in manhattan?..

    Will it start from the original filing? Or resubmission due to missing proof of income?.. My case has been rresubmitted & have been waiting for the judge to sign, is there any legal time frame?

    Natraj’s Answer

    In New York County (Manhattan), the timeframe from when you get all of your paperwork approved with the matrimonial clerk and pay the cashier until the time the judgment is signed can range from 3-6 months. In your case, since you resubmitted some paperwork, it most likely will depend on who the resubmission was for. If that's something that the referee or judge wanted then the time until approval can be as short as a week, or two. If you're resubmitting something that was never originally approved by the clerk then you're most likely going to have to wait several months.

    For a more accurate answer, you can go to the Matrimonial Support Office in Room 311 and ask one of the Uncontested Divorce Clerks.

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