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Seth A. Miller

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  • Rent-Stabilized Tenant

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Landlord & Tenant client

    Our brownstone was on the market for a long time. We were concerned what would happen to us, the remaining rent-stabilized tenants, when the building sold. One tenant began researching lawyers. When the building finally sold, I was the first tenant to be served with papers that my lease would not be renewed (after 30 years). By this time, the tenant had interviewed a lot of lawyers. She told me she found Seth Miller to be the best. When I met him, I liked him. Another tenant thought he would be a tough s.o.b., which is what you need.

    Mr. Miller does charge $300 an hour, which is a lot of money. But the amounts charged were not as much as I thought they would be. You also have an agreement regarding his fee, and Mr. Miller will tell you how much something can cost. I had to get back the money I put out. While there is no guarantee, I got back 4x that amount. Mr. Miller got me over $100K. Mr. Miller's charges also were in line with what we heard it would cost to keep our apartments.

    Mr. Miller works on a high level - of standards and the law. I found his knowledge of the law to be like a professor's. A number of things he did were brilliant. Although he can be busy, he always took the time to explain everything to me and meet with me to answer my questions. He also continues working, despite the other side's misuse of the law and behavior, until he wins.

    When you are having your home taken from you (for greed), you need someone who will protect you and you can work with. It is great that Mr. Miller works on behalf of tenants. He is the best.

  • Superior Quality

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tom Cayler

    Tom Cayler, Pres. loft tenants association, Hell’s Kitchen

    Seth Miller has been our attorney for three years. He has handled: administrative difficulties with city agencies (his writing is excellent), negotiations with landlords and potential buyers (he is as hardnosed as you can get), and litigation.
    Entering into a court case is a difficult decision for low income loft tenants even when it is clear that the landlord is not complying with the law. We had to weight three factors: likelihood of a successful outcome, benefits of the outcome, overall cost and payments. With all three of these aspects, Mr. Miller was clear and concise. Though we were anxious about placing our tenant rights into the hands of the court, we knew what we were up against and how much it would cost.
    The crux of the matter in this case was to call the building manager’s credibility into question. Under cross examination, Mr. Miller forced this fellow to contradict his direct testimony.
    Under Seth Miller’s guidance, we have secured and enforced our rights as loft tenants in a real estate climate that would rather see us dispossessed. It is important to understand that Mr. Miller is an attorney who actually believes in the law. His ethical integrity is beyond reproach.
    I cannot recommend Seth Miller too highly. Ever aspect of his work for us has been of a superior quality and we continue to retain him and his firm.

  • He Took my $300 then referred me to a BAD ATTORNEY

    1.0 star

    Posted by butterflynyc3

    After taking 300 bucks cash from me for a 10 minute consultation he agreed to represent me for an additional retainer fee of 1200. He later changed his mind and referred my tenant case to some bozo lawyer that rents office space inside his law firm . The bozo did not even specialize in tenant law , he specialized in guardianship law. The bozo lawyer mishandled the case and was a complete waste of $3,000 . Seth Miler refused to give me back the 300 after I complained to him about his terrible referral and all the
    money I wasted because of it. It was like a joke to him, but not to me. - Edit Review

    Seth A. Miller’s response: “Nearly two years ago, the person in question consulted with me for over an hour, and I didn't hear from her again, neither for the purpose of retaining my firm for further work nor for a refund of the consultation fee. Many weeks later, I was contacted by her family members a few days before Christmas with an urgent request for help, while I was out of the country, and I referred them to a respected guardianship/landlord-tenant specialist. As a result of the referral the court ultimately found her to be a danger to herself or others and a guardian was appointed for her. As a result of the referral and my colleague's hard work, she remains in her apartment, and her ability to remain in an affordable apartment is no longer under threat. Seth A. Miller”
  • Seth Miller fan!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Diane

    I am the President of a large tenant association in lower Manhattan. When we were looking for an attorney to help with significant tenant matters, including the J-51 tax abatement and it's impact on our complexes status, Seth Miller was the only tenant attorney who knew immediately what we were talking about. Other's interviewed were either pessimistic about our outcome, or quite frankly, didn't understand the issues. Seth Miller's integrity is more than honorable, his dedication is formidable and gives us a feeling of trust and confidence. His intelligence, knowledge and ability to understand complicated issues has been a great comfort during difficult times. I refer Seth Miller and his firm without hesitation.