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Jennifer Addonizio Rozen

About Jennifer Rozen

About me

Jennifer Addonizio Rozen is a a partner at Fishman & Mallon, LLP and is a reputable consumer and tenant's rights advocate. She has worked on numerous cases under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  Ms. Addonizio Rozen has successfully represented consumers in debt collection and identity theft cases. She has experience fighting for the rights of consumers in state and federal courts as well as administrative agencies.

Ms. Addonizio Rozen is also a respected, New York City tenant lawyer who has represented hundreds of residential and commercial tenants in non-payment proceedings, holdovers, rent overcharge cases. Much of her practice focuses on eradicating the Tenant Blacklist and helping tenants to remove their names from the Blacklist. 

Ms. Adddonizio Rozen also has experience handling real estate closings, mediations and general breach of contract claims.  



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