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Alexander Joseph Segal

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Anna

    Отзыв о работе Александра Сигала

    Мы с мужем обратились в офис адвоката Александра Сигала со сложным вопросом, касающемся иммиграции. И без колебаний заявляем, что Александр Сигал самый лучший иммиграционный адвокат. Мы от души оставляем свои самые положительные отзывы и рекомендации.
    На первой же консультации Александр четко и доходчиво изложил нам пути решения нашего трудного юридического вопроса, вселил уверенность в положительный исход нашего дела. Результат работы Александра Сигала оправдал все наши ожидания. Мы доверились ему полностью и получили безупречное исполнение им всех поставленных задач.
    На протяжении всего сотрудничества Александр Сигал дает очень важное ощущение для клиента, что Ваш адвокат всегда рядом. Мы постоянно были в курсе нашего дела и в любой момент могли задать Александру волнующие нас вопросы.
    На интервью, которое я проходила в посольстве в Москве, мне не задали ни одного дополнительного вопроса. Документы, подготовленные адвокатом Александром Сигалом, содержали полную информацию и были выполнены идеально.
    Александр Сигал обладает такими качествами как: высокий профессионализм, доброта и честность, объективность суждения и большая ответственность.
    Александр, спасибо Вам !
    Анна Касимова .

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Rodrigo Rato

    Gran Abogado

    Este hombre es un ejemplo para toda su comunidad. Logro que me quitaran 7 años de prisión después de haber robado una barra de pan en la tienda de la ciudad.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by samwreckless

    Superb knowledge of immigration laws, protocols and policies

    I'm a more or less a self-starter. I was an exchange student on a J visa and filed for adjustment of status and waiver for the two year home residency requirement on my original visa without soliciting any attorney services. Though, I am a successful negotiator and writer, Mr. Alesander Joseph Segal, has undoubtedly been the real reason behind my success with immigration paperwork. Every time, I am working on something about my immigration papers or have questions, I post them on AVVO and he guides with a short sentence right through it. He is an awesome attorney. I recommend him for anyone in need of an immigration lawyer who doesn't want their time and money wasted.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Vsiliy

    Very professional and straight forward

    The Law Office of Grinberg & Segal was recommended to me by another immigration lawyer because my case was very complicated. They were very straight forward with me from the beginning and explained what has to be done. It was a long and difficult journey for me and my family but we are finally free of our immigration problems and we are no longer living in fear of being deported all the time. And all thanks to the professional and talented team of Grinberg and Segal. I would recommend them to anyone facing any kind of immigration problems.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Olga

    Thank you!

    Alexander not only won my immigration case, but he helped me get my life back. I’d like to thank him from the bottom of my heart. My friend referred me to him when I felt lost and did not know what to do after I was badly abused by my husband. Alex was compassionate and reassuring. He really cared about my case, thoroughly explaining the process along each step of the way. While it was a long process, he really made himself available for any questions that I had as the case went on. I would definitely recommend Alexander as an honest, caring, and dedicated professional.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Nicholas

    Great Immigration Lawyer

    I was illegal for 10 years in this country with no hope of getting my papers. A few lawyers wasted my time and money. By chance, I walked into office of Alexander Segal and my life changed. Even though I was in immigration court with the government trying to deport me, Alexander Segal fought for me in front of the judge and the government. Because of him, I am now proud to say that I am now a permanent resident, and I cannot thank him and his office enough. If you have an impossible case like me, dont take a chance. See Alexander Segal. You will not regret it.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Best immigration attorney

    If I'm asked to recommend a good immigration attorney, then, of course, will only recommend Alexandr Segal nd his office.
    Calm, gentle, honest, tactful, confident, immediately instills confidence in the positive resolution of the case.
    Thank you for that always kept me informed of all developments in my case, Thank you for the positive in my case!
    I find Segal's office out of 10 others in New York and other states. My case was fail in individual hearing in immigration court. My previous attorney did not believe in the successful end. So i start to search for some one who could give me thread of hope. All I met shrugged but Segal was the one whom i could trust.
    Alexandr did incredible work. we won appeal after negative court decision. and then came back to court and get case granted.
    Want to say thank you! You made my life.

  • 2.0 stars

    Posted by Igor

    They need just money!

    They lost my very simple case. And, I think they did it expressly. They told me about more money for their service, I replay about flat rate agreement. After what they lost case. Do not trust them!

    Alexander Joseph Segal’s response: “It is amassing how eager are some people to post a fake review. One shall always wonder - what is the motive behind filing a review, which is clearly not written by an actual current or former client or anyone who worked with the attorney in the past? Well, take this review for instance. It provides no facts, no basis for the conclusions and no conclusions either. instead, it makes blunt statements purported to smear my good name. It says, I lost a "simple" case and did it on purpose. Several; questions come into mind: What would be the reason for an attorney to lose a "simple" case "on purpose" - to get a bad review from a disgruntled client? Does really a "simple" case exist in today's U.S. Immigration Law? Should one have the relevant expertise to determine whether the case is "simple?" If one does have the expertise, why would one need to pay a lawyer to deal with a "simple" case? if the point is to warn the public that the attorney in not competent or malicious, why to resort to the stereotypical charge of a "greedy lawyer" instead of providing actual reasons for the warning? I will leave these and other questions for the reader to answer. I trust in the common sense of the reader.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by madelonrosemorin

    Quick Responding, Trustworthy, and efficient

    Mr. Segal was very helpful and I would highly reccommend him to those seeking immigation help. He responds quickly and efficiently. He is very professional and I am very impressed with his suggestions.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Andrei

    Professional and effective

    I contacted Alexander with a short question. That was after several other attorneys gave long and useless answers. Alexander gave a short and precise answer.
    I would fully trust him and recommend him to others.